Here’s the “BMF” Wallet You’ve Been Looking For

Salvatore Ferragamo's Debossed Wallet is The

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* Uniquely debossed logo
* Contrasting interior
* Made in Italy

Remember the opening scene in Pulp Fiction when Pumpkin and Honey Bunny rob the diner? (How could you not.) Now remember later on when they force everyone to dump their wallets and purses into a bag and Samuel L. Jackson’s character Jules deposits his BMF wallet? Well, consider this debossed logo Salvatore Ferragamo wallet the real life version of that BMF wallet.

You can, of course, purchase a replica of the now infamous BMF wallet, but is that really something you’d carry around in real life? Unless it’s Halloween and it goes with your Pulp Fiction-inspired costume, the answer is no. Ferragamo’s take is a bit more practical and will last a lot longer than a cheap knockoff.

Made from calfskin leather, this billfold features a contrasting goldenrod flower (yellow) interior compared to the more traditional brown leather exterior.

With slots for up to six cards and a lined cash pocket, Ferragamo’s take on the wallet is a simple yet elevated update on your average wallet. Though the debossed logo is a bit in your face, it is the logo of a company that was founded in Florence, Italy back in 1928 and not some arriviste. That seems more BMF than a made up wallet in a movie.

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