Don’t Eat Your Kale, Carry It With This Glittered Acrylic Clutch

Jean Kale Glittered Acrylic Box Clutch

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* Made from hand-poured acrylic
* Inspired by two legendary fashion muses
* Interior mirror for makeup checks

Kale may be a trendy food, but no one expected it to transition into a fashion trend. Introducing the Jean Kale Glittered Acrylic Box Clutch by Edie Parker.

Inspired by legendary fashion muses Betty Catroux and Loulou de la Falaise, this clutch is made from hand-poured acrylic into a box profile. It’s then styled with glittered “Kale” lettering and outfitted with an interior mirror.

We love the emerald and silver glittered acrylic along with the silver clasp fastening at the top. Measuring just under 7 inches long, it’s an ideal evening or errands clutch, with just enough room for your phone, makeup, wallet and keys.


Long before Gigi or Kendall, there were Betty and Loulou. Born in 1945, Betty Catroux was a model for Chanel and inspiration to designers Tom Ford and Yves Saint Laurent. Describing her personal style, Catroux says she has, “dressed the same way practically since I was born. I don’t dress as a woman. I’m not interested in fashion at all.”

Loulou de la Falaise was a clothing and accessories designer for a number of brands, including Halston and Oscar de la Renta, before launching her own line in 2002. However, she is most noted for inspiring Saint Laurent’s women’s tuxedo in 1966, as well as his sheer blouses. Her confident sense of style and willingness to make a statement with fashion inspire this decidedly fun and modern clutch. Kale is part of a healthy diet; now it can be part of your fashion diet as well.

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