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Our Favorite Gender-Bending Brand Just Relaunched Their Unisex Intimates Line to Prove Undies Have No Gender

There’s been a rising trend in the fashion world in the past couple of years that we’re absolutely here for — unisex clothing.

Because while most clothing brands have a hard line separating their men’s and women’s clothing, many young people are rejecting this binary. Folks of all genders are rejecting the gender binary to express themselves using fashion in ways we’ve never seen before, at least in the mainstream fashion industry. Men like Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness are proudly strutting the streets in skirts, women are rocking boxer shorts under their baggy jeans and those that identify as any gender in between are wearing whatever the hell they want.

To normalize unisex clothing, our favorite gender-bending, queer-owned fragrance brand Boy Smells is leading the charge. If you’re unfamiliar with Boy Smells, let us enlighten you really quickly. Boy Smells is a unique candle brand that focuses on merging masculine and feminine scents to create delicious, post-binary candles that waft heavenly scents throughout the home. They are truly one of a kind, and there really is no one else in the game doing it like they are.

After launching a unisex underwear line called Unmentionables a few years back, Boy Smells has taken the initiative to relaunch these candy-colored undies to embody the brand’s coined term “genderful,” which celebrates all expressions of gender, the binary be damned. The intent is to encourage people of all identities to break barriers and express themselves however they want, even when it comes to your knickers.

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Courtesy of Boy Smells

Unmentionables come in an array of different pastel colors that drape your shape no matter what you do or don’t have between your legs. Each color is available in trunks, briefs and bras from sizes XS to 3XL, and all bottoms come with or without a frontal pouch depending on what best fits your needs for underwear. Unmentionables are here simply to blend comfort and confidence together in a way no other intimate brand has before.

I’m here to say that it’s damn cool to toy around with your gender expression. Take what is typically perceived as feminine or masculine and throw it into your fashion choices proudly — even if it’s just with undies. You’re a dude who wants to wear a bra? Screw it, why the hell not. No one gives a shit. And if they do, that’s on them.

Check out Boy Smells’ Unmentionables line now and dress your bod in whatever it wants to be dressed in. Undies are all $25 a pop while bras each go for $34.