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Nordstrom Has A $12 Hack That Holds Your Bra Straps In Place So They Never Slip Off

* It’s a hassle to ensure your bra strap stays put throughout the day
* This clasp keeps everything in place without being irritating
* Prevents wardrobe malfunctions and keeps you comfortable

You have enough to keep track of in your everyday life without worrying whether or not your bra strap is showing or is about to slip down. This helpful accessory helps keep everything where it should be without irritating your skin. The silicone, non-slip clasp easily fastens on to most standard bra straps, and won’t dig into your skin. The clasps’ transparent tone means it doesn’t interfere with your outfit, and you can wear it with tank tops and blouses.

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Image Courtesy of Nordstrom

All of this comfort and convenience is possible for only $12, and it will make you wonder how you ever survived without one. Even if your strap are adjustable, this accessory will make sure you don’t have to worry about them digging into your shoulders and leaving marks, and will prevent strapless and stick on bras from sliding down or falling off. With this season’s trending styles promising plenty of off-the-shoulder designs, this handy little contraption makes a great addition to any closet. You may not have known you needed it, but once you try it you’ll wonder how you lived without it.