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Watch This Birdy Garner You Compliments

* Great investment piece for your jewelry case
* Elegant and slim design in luxe stainless steel
* Handcrafted in America

A bracelet watch is one of those jewelry essentials that every woman needs. It’s an understated accessory that’s as functional as it is beautiful. Right now we’re coveting “The Birdy” by Shinola, a slim, elegant 34mm stainless steel watch handcrafted in Detroit.

Don’t know Shinola? You should. AdWeek says, “Shinola has created a clean, functional and authentically American aesthetic that manages to feel both classic and modern at the same time.”

In the four years since its founding, Shinola has become a celeb favorite (Jimmy Kimmel and President Clinton are fans) for beautifully designed wristwatches, leather bags, bikes, iPhone cases, pocket knives and varsity jackets, all designed and assembled in Detroit.

We love The Birdy watch because it’s sleek and classic, with an adjustable linked band, sapphire crystal face and super-Luminova contrast hands. It’s impeccably crafted too: the heart of The Birdy is its Aragonite 775 Quartz precision movement, hand-assembled from over 50 Swiss and other imported components.

Reconnect to the feeling of wearing a handcrafted piece of jewelry that’s also functional. Check out The Birdy Bracelet Watch by Shinola.

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