I’m Obsessed With These Extremely Cushy $24 Cloud Slides from Amazon — Treat Your Feet

BRONAX Cloud Slides
Courtesy of Amazon

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Remember those days when you were a kid, and your mom honked her car horn a few times to let you know she was outside with groceries? In a panic-stricken stupor, you’d always throw on the first pair of shoes you found by the front door to quickly help your mother bring package after package from the car to the kitchen.

In this situation, you’d probably often find yourself in a pair of heels six sizes too small or your dad’s work loafers six sizes too big. It’s a memory for the majority of us, but it hasn’t really happened since we were in high school.

Well, something similar happened to me a few weeks back when I had friends staying at my apartment. We ordered a bunch of food through GrubHub, and like the good old days, I slid on the first pair of shoes by my front door to run outside and grab the grub.

Little did I know this moment would forever alter my perception of comfort. I slid on my friend Courtney’s Bronax Cloud Slides from Amazon and realized I was wearing the world’s most comfortable sandals.

BRONAX Cloud Slides Courtesy of Amazon

I’ve heard about cloud slides before slipping these on, but, Jesus, I did not expect what I felt on my feet. Sure, these were made for my friend Courtney’s size 8 in women’s foot, and I’m a size 11 in men’s, but slipping these on really had me thinking “size doesn’t matter” for once in my life.

The Bronax Cloud Slides are called cloud slides for a reason. Like, they genuinely make it feel like walking on clouds. There’s no other way to describe it. I almost had to brag to the GrubHub delivery guy as my entire heel hung a few inches off each slide.

BRONAX Cloud Slides Courtesy of Amazon

Bronax’s Cloud Slides use an ultra-thick sole at 1.7-inches tall for a cushy feel at every stride. Although they were too small for me, every step was exceptionally well-maneuvered and stable. They’ve got an EVA sole for maximized comfort and support, too.

When I returned upstairs with the food, I didn’t even dig into my meal. I ordered a pair of Bronax Cloud Slides on Amazon. It was simply what the world wanted me to do at that moment.

You can now catch the Bronax Cloud Slides for 33% off on Amazon at only $23.99. For anyone who wants to prioritize comfort in their day-to-day, these exact slides are the ones to snag. Grab yours now in one of over 20 different colors in sizes for both men and women.

BRONAX Cloud Slides Courtesy of Amazon