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Classic Prep and Modern Athleisure Work Together in This Versatile Rugby Hoodie

* Takes style cues from classic menswear and recent trends
* Made from 100% knitted cotton and features henley collar and drawstring
* Shows off Brooks Brothers’ underrated ability to adapt and thrive

Athleisure has been solidified as one of the leading fashion trends of the past year. Working it into your personal, unique look can mean a velour tracksuit, but we’ve found something a little more sensible that doesn’t sacrifice the refined chillness that makes athleisure so cool.

This Brooks Brothers Rugby Hoodie is just that, and serves as a prime example of how Brooks Brothers is taking modern looks and masterfully mixing them with the classic style they’ve spent 200 years perfecting.

Sweaters should be comfortable, and Brooks Brothers knows that. This hoodie is made of 100% knitted cotton, giving it a very deluxe feel. It also features a henley collar and hood drawstrings for maximum versatility. The bold rugby stripes stand out, but the blue palate keeps the hoodie from being too loud.

Mixing old school prep with a modern athletic look is no small task, but Brooks Brothers accomplishes it, creating a very unique product that you don’t usually come across. It’s a perfect go-to for vacation lounging this summer, but will also come in handy for layering when it starts to get colder.

Pair it with some preppy chinos or clean jeans, and a classic pair of sneakers for a bulletproof summer outfit.

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