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These Chelsea Boots Have Been Handmade in England For Over 130 Years

* Loake 1880 employs traditional shoe-making methods dating back 300 years
* Each Goodyear Welted leather sole takes up to eight weeks to make
* Handmade in England

With origins dating back over 175 years, the ubiquity of the Chelsea boot today should come as no surprise. Made popular by The Beatles in the 1960s, it has since taken on new life as celebrities, stylists and the sartorially-inclined have all co-signed onto the boot. And rightfully so – they’re comfortable, fashionable, versatile and timeless.

Though you can find them from just about any shoemaker, very few are still made by hand. Loake Shoemakers have been handcrafting traditional English shoes, like the Mitchum Suede Chelsea Boots, since 1880. Even today, Loake constructs each Goodyear welted leather sole by hand, which can take up to eight weeks.

If you’re not familiar, the welt is typically a strip of leather that is stitched to both the upper and the insole, and what the outsole is also stitched to. Because welted shoes are sewn together — not glued — they’re much easier for a skilled cobbler to break down and repair. That means you’ll be be able to get your pair to last you a lifetime with the help of some repairs, making them an essential footwear staple worth your investment.

Made with a brown suede calfskin upper, comfortable stacked heel and elastic gores, the Mitchum is not only the quintessential Chelsea boot, but it’s also one of the most comfortable boots you’ll ever wear.

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