A Dieter Rams-Inspired Watch is Simple Yet Beautiful

Inspired by Dieter Rams, The Japanese

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* Inspired by famed designer Dieter Rams
* Powered by Japanese quartz movement
* The 38mm face is perfect for both men and women

It doesn’t take a significant investment to a) start collecting watches or b) find a piece that transcends the typical horological standards set forth by a bunch of watch snobs. Case in point: the Dieter Rams-inspired Braun BN0024 with a black dial and brown strap. Its classic styling and simplicity make this particular wristwatch a great addition to your collection or a great first piece.

The understated face on the BN0024 is a mere 38mm, making it an ideal size for both men and women. Use of the Helvetica typeface in white makes this an easy to read watch — even at a glance. Based on the BN0021, the BN0024 opts for a slightly different take on the classic, with a sub-dial seconds hand that’s set off by the yellow hand. The 22mm brown leather strap features a pin and buckle closure complimenting the minimalist design.

Originally hired in the 1950s as an architect for Braun, Rams eventually became the Chief Design Officer in 1961, a position he held until 1995. The German-born designer is best known for his ten principles for good design, which can be distilled down to one overarching objective that “simplicity is the key to excellence.” And by the looks of the BN0024, mission accomplished.

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