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Layer Your Clothes in Style With This Sumptuous Burberry Wool Cape

* Cape reverses to reveal the distinctive check pattern
* Made in Italy of 100% Merino Wool
* Countless layering and styling options

What is there not to love about Burberry? Their iconic clothes have been around for over 100 years and their distinctive check pattern is known worldwide. Burberry is probably most famous for its trench coats, but their clothing offerings span everything from underwear to outerwear to accessories and cosmetics.

While it is nearly impossible to choose just one item from their collection, one chic and versatile option we came across is their Reversible Merino Charlotte Cape. This cape is beyond gorgeous and the fact that it is reversible just adds to its versatility while giving you endless style options. Pictured in a camel tan color on one side, it features the signature Burberry check pattern in tones of black, white and red when reversed. The cape also boasts a shawl neckline, open front, and three-quarter length sleeves.

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The cape is made from 100% merino wool which makes it super soft and cozy. Wear the cape as the perfect finale piece to top off your outfit, whether you are going out to run errands or to enjoy a dinner on the town. Wear it as a shawl at the office where it will not only enhance your look but keep you toasty in the process. Travel with this cape and use as a chic blanket on the plane to keep you warm and to avoid the not-so-soft blankets the airlines tend to provide.

Consider this cape an investment piece in your wardrobe – a tried and true accessory that will be worn often, last forever and can be passed on to the next generation.

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