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Here’s Where to Buy That Sexy James Bond Knit Sweater From “No Time to Die”

The new James Bond movie was supposed to come out on April 10, but thanks to the coronavirus its release has been postponed to the Thanksgiving movie season later this year. Even so, No Time to Die promises to be an action-packed movie full of the classic Bond tropes you know and love including suave, flexible fashion for our leading man.

If you haven’t seen the movie poster or trailer yet, you should definitely check it out. It features Daniel Craig looking picturesque in all his debonair Bond beauty. He’s also wearing a dark blue, ribbed sweater that stretches and moves with him as he, well, saves the world. It’s a very handsome sweater, and one that’s been of particular interest to Craig’s many adoring fans. James Bond is, of course, best known for his more sartorial aesthetic, but we’re really feeling this sweater.

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Courtesy of N.Peal
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Courtesy of N.Peal

The great news? While you wait for the movie’s release you can pick up your very own 007 Ribbed Army Sweater from the brand N.Peal — the exact same one Daniel Craig wears on the poster and in the film.

This sweater was designed exclusively for use in the film No Time to Die and is featured heavily in the marketing. It’s got a military aesthetic that’s upheld by the ribbing as well as the protective canvas patches on the shoulders, elbows and cuffs.

The neck evokes maritime clothing, a reference and homage to Bond’s close ties with the Royal Navy in the film.

N.Peal worked closely with the filmmakers on the design and now you can wear it yourself. It was designed for a master spy, so you know it’s durable and will move with you throughout your day. We can’t promise that this sweater will fit you quite as perfectly as it fits James Bond, but we can’t all be movie stars.

It’s made with 90% superfine Merino wool and 10% cashmere, so you know it’s comfortable. The look pairs perfectly with light wash jeans, khaki pants or lighter shorts for a laid-back spring look.

This sweater is unisex as well. Women, size down twice for a Bond-style fit. Men, size down once for a tighter fit that will complement your physique.