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The Best Camel Coats for Women For Staying Warm and Stylish

Cold-weather fashion is the best. Not only are the options for accessories plentiful — from hats to gloves, mittens, boots, coats, scarves and more, but you also have all the aesthetic choices that come with layering. The classic turtleneck-under-a-coat-look never fails to impress, but we also should never underestimate the power of a great cardigan. A favorite among Spy writers for women? A camel coat. The color is sophisticated but cozy, the fit is usually warming without adding too much bulk, and there are plenty of great options out there for the best camel coats for women.

The best camel coats for women come in a variety of styles, patterns, textures and cuts from long slim jackets to puffier shaggy coats. We’ve included a list of our favorite options below that encapsulate a range so you can decide which is your favorite. They’ll all look great paired with both a formal look of black slacks and heels or jeans, a white t-shirt a sneakers for a more casual vibe. Wear it however you want to, no matter what you’ll be warm. Here are the best camel coats for women to shop right now

1. Anne Klein Classic Double Breasted Coat

This camel coat has the perfect traditional design if with a double-breasted front and a short, spunky collar. The buttons for closure on the front are large and the coat features slanted pockets and notched lapels for added flair. The sleeves have tabs with buttons that close and the princess seaming overall provides structure to the coat that’s stylish in and of itself. You can wear this coat casual, formal or somewhere in between. It comes in the classic camel color that’s neutral enough for anyone to pull off.

Pros: Sophisticated design, large button closure on the front, slanted pockets, extra details that make it stylish.

Cons: The fabric is slightly itchy, so wearing something underneath is a must.

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2. Calvin Klein Women’s Classic Cashmere Wool Coat

This coat is made of a warm, sophisticated blend of wool and cashmere and features slim lapels and a button closure on the front. The structure is form-fitting that’ll elevate anything you wear under it and it’s neutral enough to wear with a variety of colors, prints and patterns underneath. It’s a cold-weather coat essential.

Pros: Warm blend of wool and cashmere, simple and neutral design, slim lapels and large buttons.

Cons: Dry clean only.

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3. PRETTYGARDEN Shaggy Oversized Camel Coat

This camel coat has a shaggy texture that’s super comfortable and still stylish with oversized lapels that pay homage to more classic jacket looks. It has a zipper closure that’s accented by decorative buttons on the front, and a loose boyfriend-style fit that’ll layer easily on top of long sleeve shirts, sweaters or other clothing. It’s a shorter cut so it’ll pair well with jeans, sneakers or any tight-fitting pants along with boots or even high heels for a more elevated look.

Pros: Soft fleece will keep you warm, zipper closure stays shut, comfortable fit.

Cons: Less formal-looking than other options.

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4. Bellivera Women’s Faux Suede Jacket

This camel coat is a look and a half, and we’re all about it right now. It’s made of faux fir and faux suede, both of which are durable, stain-resistant and robust enough to wear everyday and last you through the season. This coat has a stylish, sophisticated motorbike jacket structure to it with zippers and a belt that elevate the look beyond comfort. It has two zippered pockets for keeping hands warm and possessions safe, and the faux fir trim is easily detachable if it’s not your vibe.

Pros: Faux fir and faux suede are durable, motorbike look is sleek, fir trim is detachable, works as a daily look or an accessory for special occasions.

Cons: The chest are is cut small and doesn’t give ample room for sweaters underneath it.

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5. Angashion Women’s Fuzzy Coat

This fuzzy jacket from Angashion is a great camel coat option for women this year. It’s got large, stylish lapels and warm pockets for function. The coat has long sleeves for plenty of coverage and goes down to the knees for plenty of warmth. It’ll pair perfectly with an all-black jeans and turtleneck ensemble or a maxi dress and some boots. It works as an everyday jacket or something to throw on for a date or special occasion due to the longer length.

Pros: Long cut with large lapels to keep you warm, comfortable fleece feel on the outside, convenient pockets.

Cons: The chunky texture of the fabric may look bathrobe-esque without the right accessories.

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