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Wear a Camo Menagerie on Your Shoulder With This Delightfully Subversive Camouflage Tote

* Animal silhouettes make up this subversive camo print
* Spacious, lined interior
* Double handles and magnetic closure

Though camo in fashion isn’t exactly traffic-stopping, front-page news, this camouflage tote bag from Just Cavalli may just have you doing a double-take. Cleverly subversive, it’s just another camo print from afar, but upon closer inspection, what would typically be amorphous colored blobs start to take shape, until you realize you’re staring at a menagerie of military colored creatures. Hawks, cougars, and well, we’re not sure what else made it out of the zoo and onto this bag, come together in an entirely unexpected way.

camouflage tote bag

Printed on vegan leather, the roomy trapezoid shape fits nicely just above the hip, thanks to mid-drop double shoulder straps. The interior is fully lined, giving some structure to an otherwise soft-sided bag, and an internal zip pocket stows away small essentials. A magnetic closure keeps the contents of this bag from spilling out when you’re on the go, while the Just Cavalli logo keeps a low profile, blending into its landscape of camouflage.

A fun bit of trickery for the eye, it lightens up the mood on a print usually associated with toughness and utility — a move that’s right in line with the young, fun-seeking attitude of Just Cavalli.

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