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Cannabis Perfume? Malin+Goetz Take the Scent of Pot to a Higher Level

* Spicy, peppery notes inspired by the cannabis plant
* Product does not contain any cannabis
* A modern, unisex fragrance

Founded back in 2004, Malin+Goetz skyrocketed to cult status with a product line that that offered a fresh take on fussy skin care. The label is focused on two essential things: offering products with quality ingredients, and streamlining skincare. Their less-is-more ethos and minimalist aesthetic found fast fans. Fragrances soon followed, in the vein of their straightforward, pared back attitude toward personal care. Built around a single-note concept, each scent is then layered with a “dynamic modern twist.”

Take for example, their Cannabis Oil Perfume, a peppery, spicy perfume fragrance that’s a 180 turn away from the heavier, more complex concoctions that remain the standard in fragrance. Not that their Cannabis scent doesn’t hold its own among the plethora of luxury fragrances on the market — that’s hardly the case. But their line of scents is firmly focused on a single key note approach, maintaining their credence to simplicity and quality.

In addition, its roller ball applicator makes this an ultra-transportable fragrance, great for travel or to stow in your purse for on-the-go applications. The packaging also ensures even application, preventing spills and letting you control the amount of scent applied, which is right in line with the brand’s fuss-free DNA.

The unisex scent features top notes of bergamot and plum, with subtle middle notes of rum and leather. The scent profile is finished with amber, patchouli and milk. The long lasting blend can be worn alone but isn’t too overpowering that it can’t be layered with other perfumes. Still thrown off by the unlikely name? We can confirm the end effect is one of earthy sophistication, and less — ahem –– college dorm room shenanigans.

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