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Stand Out in Style With These Carbon Fiber Tuxedo Cufflinks

* Solid brass backing
* Distinctive real carbon fiber pattern
* Rose gold color

These carbon fiber tuxedo cuff-links have a keen racing style edge while maintaining a sophisticated look. Made from rose-gold plated brass with a carbon fiber centerpiece surrounded by finely-honed metal rivets, the Caperci Men’s cuff-links combine modern style with timeless charm. And don’t worry: the carbon fiber isn’t cheesy; it looks surprisingly jewel-like and refined in the context of these well-crafted accessories.

Thanks to the warm and rich beauty of the rose gold metal backings, the carbon fiber tuxedo cufflinks from Caperci stand out for their subtle, charming and suave use of an unexpected material. A structural material used in yachts, race cars and hig- end sporting goods, carbon fiber’s distinct woven pattern has long been appropriated for all kinds of style statements, ranging from the regrettable faux carbon fiber patterns that found their way onto the dashboards of luxury cars in the last decade, to some truly outstanding high-fashion applications.

The Caperci cufflinks definitely fall into the latter category, with their tasteful application of carbon fiber and high quality rose gold rivets. The cufflinks are nicely weighted by solid brass backing. They hold shirt sleeves together nicely, and like any sporty carbon fiber item, they are practical as well as ornamental.

The cuff-links work especially well to set off the inky matte black of a tuxedo with a small yet noticeable gold gleam. In that sense, they are an excellent choice to highlight your tux, whether you’re the best man at a race car driver’s wedding or just looking for a way to stand out from the crowd at a graduation, commissioning, or black tie fundraiser.

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