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The $20 Carhartt Beanie Is the Gift of All Gifts This Year — and It Arrives in Time for Christmas

The Carhartt beanie has been one of the most popular trends in fashion these past couple of years. For good reason, too — this is one of the warmest, coziest beanies we’ve ever placed on our heads. And if Carhartt as a brand is good enough for Pennsylvania’s newest Democratic Senator-elect, former Lieutenant Governor and certified Carhartt enthusiast John Fetterman, it’s good enough for us.

John Fetterman wearing a Carhartt puffer coat in front of a factory. Courtesy of Fetterman for PA

While we’ve been obsessing over the Carhartt Legacy backpack that was trending earlier this year, we’re coming right back into the world of the classic Carhartt beanie this season. Why? Because it makes for one of the best Christmas gifts you can buy right now. At just $20, an almost perfect rating and many colors available for delivery before Christmas, you need to stop wasting time.

If you need a last-minute gift for anyone that lives in a cold climate, then snag a Carhatt beanie before it’s too late. As of this writing, you can still buy the classic unisex Carhartt beanie (officially called the Knit Cuffed Beanie) online and receive it in time to wrap it up for Christmas morning, although delivery times will vary depending on your zip code. For last-minute delivery, city dwellers and Prime members will have the best luck.

The Carhartt beanie is a favorite amongst the whole family — Gen Zers, grandparents, outdoor workers, college campus dwellers, city folk, country dudes — everybody. If you’re human, you’ll love the Carhartt beanie. And, well, anything Carhartt. Period.

Courtesy of Amazon

Right now, not every color is available in time for Christmas, but there are a number of colors that 100% will be on your doorstep before Santa Claus gets there. Classic blacks, navies, reds — there is a slew of options you can still get before the big man gets there.

As Arctic temperatures begin to arrive later this week, trust us when we say your giftee will thank you for this one. Find the best stocking stuffer of the year below from Carhartt.