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Want a Good-Looking Sneaker That Does Right by the Environment? Look No Further Than Cariuma

When it’s time to replace your sneakers, there are a lot of factors that go into deciding what your next pair should be. Do you go with a big name and sacrifice originality for a brand? Anytime you make a purchase, you’re choosing to support not just the product, but the company who makes it — and how much do you really know about the top names in the sneaker industry? Next time, consider getting a pair of kicks that aren’t just good for your feet, but also the world they walk around on. That’s what Cariuma is all about.

Brazilian-based Cariuma is quickly becoming a global hit with their ethically-made, eco-friendly sneakers that are handcrafted for crazy comfort. Cariuma uses fair-trade cotton, raw natural rubber, and cleaner leather. All packaging materials are made from recyclable materials and shipped to your door using 100% carbon neutral shipping methods, and each sneaker is made in an ethical factory.

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Courtesy of Cariuma

As for the shoes themselves? They come in a variety of high and low-top styles and range from retro-cool to minimalist modern aesthetics. Plus, they treat your feet right — Cariuma sneakers are crafted with a hybrid of memory foam and natural vegetable tanned leather for optimal comfort. And, with leather, suede, and classic canvas finishes, there’s a style to perfectly compliment every look. You’ll feel just as good about buying these shoes as you feel wearing them.

Out of their range of sneakers, we love their OCA Low in Off White. White has proven to be a must-have for the past few years and it looks like that won’t change in 2020. The OCA Low offers a sleek profile at a reasonable price that will go with any outfit from suits and jeans all the way to shorts and sweats. Even though white sneakers are often seen as a summertime staple, we’ll be wearing our OCAs this holiday season. A shoe this clean should never collect dust in the back of your closet!

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