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These Ultra-Soft Cashmere Socks Will You Bring Luxe Warmth All Winter

Nothing feels more like heaven than cashmere. It’s one of the most resilient and sought-after fibers spun into garments for equal comfort and endurance. And when you think about it, anything cashmere-infused is the ultimate companion for the cold due to its insulating properties. There’s your cashmere lambswool throw blanket for those nights tucked in the house by the fireplace—also, your cashmere turtleneck sweater to protect your neck in the thick of winter season. But if you’re like our SPY team, your cashmere socks are highly coveted winter staples.

And it’s never too late to invest in a pair. Those comfy essentials can come in handy right about now, especially with below-freezing temperatures on the way. Sure, there’s a substantial cost that comes with buying anything cashmere. But paying a premium doesn’t feel like highway robbery when your money is well spent on the most basic of life’s necessities. You can wear cashmere socks to bed or feel snug on a frosty day.

Although cashmere shares some of the same benefits as sheep’s wool, such as being lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking, it’s considered to be eight times warmer — and thus deserves more tender love and care.

As we inch further into the most brutal weather season of the year, we’ve curated a list of the best cashmere socks to avoid having cold feet. Keep scrolling for ultra-soft options to pamper your dogs after all the time you spend ripping and running.


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Sustainability is the way to go these days. And Pangaia puts it in the forefront for their basic essentials. Their recycled cashmere socks derive from 88% recycled cashmere, while the rest of the material is made up of recycled wool, polyester, and elastane. No doubt about it, you’ll be warm when the weather gets rough.


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German brand Falke has become synonymous with high-quality legwear and modern fashion. Their repertoire spans socks, hosiery, and occasionally luxury clothing. So it makes sense why their cashmere socks are all the rage. Their mid-calf pair features a banded cuff that prevents slipping and comes in hues that go well with everyday wear. 


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William Lockie specializes in handmade quality items from head to toe. And these socks fit the bill. Crafted from the same quality of yarn used for their sweaters, with a ribbed texture for extra durability, style, and warmth, these cashmere socks will get you through the coldest time of the year.


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These indulgently soft cashmere socks from Neiman Marcus will be in constant rotation in your winter wardrobe. In addition to black, this pair comes in baby blue and orange colorways—the easiest way to add a little luxe to your undergarment collection.


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Nothing says cold-weather dressing quite like this trio made cashmere and jacquard-knitted. Polka-dot, striped and two-tone patterns are what you’ll encounter in this set of cashmere socks from KINGSMAN. Each of them brings a certain character to your looks, especially the days you throw on a suit.


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Not bad for the price of two. The Men’s Store at Bloomingdale’s offers sumptuously soft cashmere socks in packs of two, which includes assorted solid and print styles. Working from home has never felt better or looked more stylish.


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If you’re looking for luxurious yet durable cashmere socks, Lorenzo Uomo offers a unique pair of yarn blended with raw cashmere, viscose, and nylon. Spun in Italy, these socks can handle much extended wear while keeping your feet cushioned in plush softness.


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Arriving in a myriad of bright colors, Brooks Brothers cashmere socks are renowned for their exceptional comfort and durability. Knitted with Lycra, a synthetic fiber known for its elasticity and helping items keep their shape, this ultra-soft pair is perfect for lounging around the house or in bed.

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It doesn’t get more lavish than a pair of cashmere socks from Tom Ford. Made in Italy from rich cashmere, this pair is knitted in a ribbed stitch with reinforced heels and toes. These super chic, soft socks can be yours for just half the original price — and they’re also available on sale in black and pink.


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If you’re not reluctant about splurging a ton on pure cashmere socks, this chunky version from The Elder Statesman is a great option. Hand-knitted from 100% multi colored cashmere, this playful pair provides full cushion for your feet whether you’re spending the whole day indoors or outside.