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Casio Utilizes Solar Atomic Technology in This Classic Dive Watch

* Solar atomic technology provides better time accuracy than self-winding or battery watches
* Showcases classic dive watch style
* Features 100M water-resistance and 31 world time zones

As an extension of your arm, your watch should be one of your most considered accessories. Ideally, an everyday watch is elegant but not too showy; adaptable but not too rugged, and classic but unique. We found this Casio Waveceptor that fulfills the criteria and features solar atomic technology for true reliability.

We love this watch because it finds perfect balance between technology, sophistication and ruggedness for wearability in any situation. It features cutting edge solar atomic technology, making it more accurate than a self-winding watch, and requires less maintenance than a battery-operated timepiece. It’s made of durable stainless steel, and is water-resistant up to 100M.

The Waveceptor’s refined styling is inspired by classic dive watches, making it very stylistically adaptable. It features a dark gray face, stainless steel dive bezel, unlabeled hour markers and a small digital screen. It also includes useful features such as an alarm, stopwatch and 31 zone world time.

Stylistically, it’s a classic, sophisticated watch. What makes it unique is its unparalleled reliability as a cutting edge piece of solar technology. It truly makes a difference, especially when traveling, to know your watch is up to any task. This Casio Waveceptor provides that peace of mind in a watch that’s as stylish as it is trustworthy.

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