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Love These Leopard Print Shades From Stella McCartney

* Oversized cat eye sunglasses draw attention to your eyes
* Leopard print pattern set on brown base
* Tinted, angular lenses

These cat eye sunglasses by Stella McCartney are as cool as it gets for springtime accessorizing. Combining the iconic oversize cat eye shape with a sultry leopard print frame, these sunnies are totally on trend for a chic seasonal statement.

It’s obvious from fashion week that the 80s are in, with exaggerated shapes, flamboyant designs and loud colors making appearances in street style and designer collections. While neon shades and puffy silhouettes can be fun to play with in your wardrobe, we personally love a more subtle nod to the 80s through a single statement piece.

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Stella McCartney nailed the perfect balance of the trend with these printed stunners. The oversize shape is unique with a high rise cat eye silhouette, that draws the attention straight to the eyes and shapes your face. The frame itself is covered in a retro leopard speckled pattern that continues at the chunky arms. Angular tinted lenses keep it functional in a solid dark brown shade and a gold metal nose bar adds the perfect amount of glam.

These sunglasses have endless possibilities as far as your personal style goes. The brown foundation of these frames will match virtually any outfit you are wearing. Pair it with your favorite swimsuit, sun dress or colored skinny jeans for a coordinated look, or wear an all-black ensemble to let those shades do all the talking.

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