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SPY Guide: 6 Chic Alternatives to the Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flat

* Charlotte Olympia’s “Kitty” flats are charming, yet sophisticated 
* The quirky style gained immediate popularity in fashion circles
* Here are six more affordable alternatives

Whether you identify more as a cat person or a dog person, it’s hard to deny the adorable charm of Charlotte Olympia’s “Kitty” flats. The beloved footwear style features a cartoonish cat-face on the toe, with a sleek smoking slipper cut.

Somehow, these adorable, novelty flats look appropriately playful and chic at the same time. And, thanks to their fashion cult following, the original kitty flats are sold out nearly everywhere. If you’re looking for an alternative, or a more affordable option to rock the cat-lady look, here are six equally alluring styles that will instantly add personality and flair to your footwear game.

1. T.U.K “Sophistakitty” Flats

These flats feature similar details to the original Charlotte Olympia style, with whiskers and a button nose embroidered in gold thread on the front of each toe. The “Sophistakitty” flats also feature a cut-out at the base of the toe for a unique design element. Unlike the original pair, these feature a more rounded toe which offers a slightly more feminine look than the original smoking slipper cut.



2. VASHOP Women’s Velvet Cartoon Cat Flat

If you love the original flat but wish there were more color options to choose from, these VASHOP cat flats are a must have for you. This pair is offered in nine different color options, including versatile colors like burgundy, grey/pink and even an animal print option. Plus, the contrast slim heel on this pair offers more support to the foot than traditional ballet flats. And, at such an affordable price, why not invest in a couple of pairs?

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3. Pointed Toe Cat Flats

These pointed toe flats are a subtle take on the original “Kitty” style with a bit more attention to contemporary trends. This style features a metallic metal cap toe engraved with cat-face detail. The off-white color pairs well with a variety of summer outfits.


4. Kate Spade “Elektra” Flat

These sleek suede flats are endowed with a pointed-toe and golden cat-ear accents with “cat” lettering on the front. If the original cartoon face feels a bit too childish for your liking, these sleek Kate Spade flats offer a subtle alternative that’s still charismatic.


5. Paprika Moon Cat Flat

This glittery pair of smoking slippers borrows the cut of the old-fashioned slipper style, adding metallic shine and cat imprint on each foot. This pair is a great option for livening up a basic jeans and T-shirt look for running errands, or pairing with black trousers and a blazer to make your office attire a bit less stuffy.

Kitty Flat


6. Aone Velvet Cat Loafer

Perhaps the closest dupe for Charlotte Olympia’s Kitty flat, this pair features a buttery velvet fabrication, embroidered detailed with gold stitching and a contrasting gold mini heel for a polished touch.

Kitty Flats

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