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15 Under $15: The Best Cheap T-Shirts for Men (That Won’t Fall Apart After One Wash)

From spilled sauces to stretched collars and pit stains, men’s t-shirts take more than their fair share of abuse. And even if you have premium quality, designer tees, the same fate awaits them — one day, they’ll be relegated to the sleep-shirt drawer. That’s why it’s worth stocking up on some cheap t-shirts that you don’t have to feel bad about wearing holes in and sweating through during a game of pickup basketball. After all, t-shirts are meant to be worn. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of our favorite affordable cheap t-shirts for men.

Our favorite cheap t-shirts are high quality enough to wear on their own — you won’t have to worry about showing off too much, even if you get them in white. They’re also soft; most of our favorite picks are cut from 100% cotton. You can wear them out of the house, and they’ll also be great as sleep shirts or undershirts.

What To Look for in a Cheap T-Shirt

Just because these are our favorite cheap t-shirts, that doesn’t mean they don’t have premium features. Two features to look out for are combed cotton and ring-spun cotton, as explained by Bella+Canvas (one of the picks on our list). Combed cotton is known for being softer and more durable (and typically more expensive). Ring-spun shirts are also known for their softness, durability and breathability.

In terms of style, we’ve picked out options that come in a wide range of colors, as well as garment-dyed t-shirts. According to Levi’s, garment dyeing is a process that involves dyeing the item after it’s been cut and sewn into an item of clothing, rather than dyeing the roll of fabric first. What this achieves is a worn-in, washed out and faded look. That means that your brand new t-shirt will look like a vintage store find. Of course, if you prefer the crisp and clean look of piece-dyeing, we have plenty of options in that style as well.

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What’s Cheap, Anyway?

Naturally, when talking about the best cheap t-shirts, you’ve got to factor in the price. The amount a person is willing to spend on a single tee can vary pretty widely, but we felt that when shopping for the best cheap tees, $15 per tee was a good cap. Many of our top tees are substantially less than that, including some options that are about $2 to $3 per tee. Some options below are multi-packs, which can cost up to $30 or $40, but rest assured that we’ve done the math on those, too.

Willing to spend a bit more? Check out our review of our new favorite t-shirt brand, Fresh Clean Tees. At $19 each, it just missed our cut-off, but it’s still a great deal for a great tee. And if you’re not too worried about the cost, check out our full ranking of the best white tees, period. No matter what kind of cheap t-shirt for men you’re looking for, you’ll find plenty of great options below.


1. Gildan Men’s Crew T-Shirts, Multipack


Gildan is a go-to basics brand for a reason — their shirts are highly affordable and durable enough for casual, everyday wear. They may not be the most premium, but when you can get a pack of 12 Gildan shirts for less than $1.50 per shirt, who’s complaining? The tees are 100% cotton (except for some of the heather grey shirts) and have covered seams for added durability.

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Courtesy of Amazon

2. Hanes Men’s Short Sleeve Beefy-T


Hanes has been at the basics game since 1900, so they know a thing or two about making cheap t-shirts for men. Take the Beefy-T, a boxy style made from a heavyweight cotton fabric (some of the gray colors are a cotton/poly blend). These tees have a thick, substantial ribbed collar, and they are designed to lay flat (remember those Michael Jordan ads?).

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Courtesy of Amazon

3. BELLA+CANVAS Adult Unisex T-Shirt


Bella+Canvas is a fairly new entrant into the blanks business, but they’ve quickly proven themselves to be one of the best brands for blanks. Bella+Canvas’ tees are combed and ring-spun to be exceptionally soft, and they come in tons of stylish colors. The fabric is light but dense enough that you won’t have to worry about transparency. At about $10 each, they’re generally more expensive than Gildan, but they’re much softer, too. They tend to be quite fitted under the arms, which is something to be aware of.

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Courtesy of Amazon

4. Comfort Colors Men’s Adult Short Sleeve Pocket Tee


It’s all in the name — Comfort Colors’ cheap t-shirts are made from comfortable fabrics and they come in tons of colors. The fabric is ringspun, making these tees extra soft. What makes these shirts stand out is the colors. Comfort Colors is known for its garment-dyed pieces, which is a dyeing process that results in a faded, vintage and intentionally uneven look. Even better, these tees have a pocket.

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5. Fruit of the Loom Men’s Crew T-Shirt


Unsurprisingly, some of the best places to look for basic tees are the brands that have been doing them the longest. Hanes, Gildan and Fruit of the Loom have a combined 300+ years of experience. This basic six-pack of white tees comes in a wide range of colors. This six-pack shakes out to just under 3 bucks each, and the shirts are available in solid white, solid black or assorted colors.

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Courtesy of Amazon

6. Uniqlo Supima Cotton Crew Neck


From socks to underwear to sweatpants, Uniqlo excels at basics. Suffice to say, they make plenty of excellent cheap t-shirts for men. The only problem is that there are almost too many to choose from. A good place to start is with their line of Supima tees. These shirts are made from premium Pima cotton, which is American-grown cotton that’s known for its softness and durability. They’re available in a range of colors, and they come in crew or v-neck styles. Not bad for a $15 tee.

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Courtesy of Uniqlo

7. Jockey Men’s T-Shirts 2-Pack


Thought you couldn’t get a good value on American-made t-shirts? Honestly, we’re pretty surprised too. But Jockey, one of the oldest clothing brands in America, came through with this two-pack of t-shirts that are USA-made from American cotton. At $29.50 for a two-pack, these are on the higher end price-wise, but they’re still less than $15 per shirt. Jockey’s non-USA tees are great, too (and can be found on this list). They do have the potential to shrink, so it’s good to wash them cold (which you should be doing anyway).

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Courtesy of Amazon

8. Nautica Crew T-Shirts


We’re not sure why Nautica doesn’t get more love as a basics brand, but that hasn’t stopped the nearly 40-year old brand from continually churning out soft underwear, pajamas, sweats and of course, tees. This three-pack is available in all white, all black, or assorted colors including heather grey and royal blue. The shirts have Nautica’s sail logo at the hem and are all cut from 100% cotton. Right now, you can pick up the tees for just $20, about $6 each. At full retail, they work out to roughly $13 each.

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Courtesy of Nautica

9. Old Navy Go-Dry Mesh Core T-Shirt for Men


Most athletic clothing is frankly too expensive, which is why we’re glad Old Navy’s athletic line keeps it affordable. Sure, it’s not as stylish as Lululemon or Outdoor Voices, but it’s a heck of a lot cheaper. This athletic t-shirt clocks in at one Alexander Hamilton, and is made from moisture-wicking polyester (with the added benefit of being 100% recycled). It’s available in regular or tall sizes.

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Courtesy of Old Navy

10. Dickies Men’s Two Pack T-Shirt


From mechanics to farmers to nurses, Dickies has been outfitting hard workers for almost a hundred years. So yeah, these tees can handle your weekend errands. They’re made from pre-shrunk jersey cotton, and they have taped neck and shoulder seams for durability. There’s a large chest pocket for stashing sunglasses, vape pens, loose turkey jerky or whatever else you can think of. The pocket has a small Dickies logo, and there are a variety of colors to choose from.

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Courtesy of Target

11. H&M Regular Fit Crew-neck T-shirt


Fast-fashion giant H&M may churn through the latest trends at a breakneck pace, but it’s the brand’s basics that are well worth checking out. Their tees are made from soft cotton jersey and come in tons of colors, including earth tones and pastels. Plus, for 7 bucks a pop, you can easily stock up on these tees.

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Courtesy of H&M

12. Jockey Generation Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt


Hanes and Gildan tend to get most of the love when it comes to basic, cheap t-shirts for men, but Jockey is one of the best places to find underwear and tees. Founded in 1876, Jockey is notable for having invented the brief. Jockey’s three-pack of tees is available in black or white, and they’re made from soft combed cotton. The three-pack costs $18, which works out to six dollars each.

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Courtesy of Target

13. Calvin Klein Cotton Classics Crewneck T-Shirts


If you’re looking to upgrade your basics but you still don’t want to spend too much money, Calvin Klein has your back. This three-pack is available in black or white, and they’re made from soft cotton with a thinner collar and fitted body for a more elegant look. The three-pack costs $42.50, making them one of the more expensive options on this list. Still, each tee shakes out to about $14 each. We’re not saying these will make you look like a model, but they won’t not make you look like a model.

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Courtesy of Macys

14. Russell Athletic Cotton Midweight T-Shirt


You might have assumed that Champion invented the sweatshirt, but that distinction actually belongs to Russell Athletic, a brand that continually churns out reliable basics without much fanfare. On top of sweatshirts, Russell also makes great cheap t-shirts for men, such as this 100% cotton option. It’s made from ringspun cotton for comfort and durability, and the tee has the Russell logo on the sleeve for a sporty look.

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Courtesy of Amazon

15. Old Navy Soft-Washed Crew-Neck T-Shirt


Inexpensive basics in a range of colors is pretty much Old Navy’s whole M.O., and you can pick up their tees in a range of colors and prints. These tees are made from a blend of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. This pack includes olive green, blue and blush, and the pack is on sale right now for just $10. Sizes are limited, but you can also pick up the camo print multi-pack at full price. At full retail, these tees clock in at $24 for the pack, which works out to $8 per tee. For the best range of colors at the best prices, Old Navy should be one of the top places you check.

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Courtesy of Old Navy

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