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Here’s the Chicest Lunch Bag We’ve Seen All Year

* A 3-in-1 organizational backpack, including space for a lunch box and laptop
* Interior panel converts bag from one to two storage compartments
* Sleek, minimal designer style

With summer winding down, it’s time to welcome back the yearly ritual of fall shopping. Whether you’re heading off to school or saying goodbye to summer Fridays at the office, add this 3-in-1 convertible backpack to your list. One-part chic lunch bag, one-part sleek backpack, and even a top-handle tote, MinkeeBlue’s Shalae bag is a clever feat of fashion and function.

The bag features an inside panel that allows you to convert the interior into one or two storage compartments, either as one large space or divided into two levels. With the divider flap folded down, a compartment is created to store the included insulated lunch bag, which can also be repurposed as a toiletry bag.

Fit a pair of shoes, gym clothes or anything else you can think to fit in that space, too. The top level then becomes a place for smaller pieces, like your wallet, keys and cell phone.

Zip back the divider, and there’s space when you need to haul bulkier items. Organization has been well-considered with this bag, as you’ll also find inside several zippered pockets and a padded sleeve for a laptop up to 15″ –  finally free yourself from carrying multiple bags.

As for the its looks, the minimal styling and leather and nylon twill material may get this bag mistaken as splurge piece from a forward-thinking luxury designer. With all the other features of this bag, that’s just a nice bonus.

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