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First Look: Chubbies Just Released Its First Pants, and I Got To Test Them Out

I can finally share the news: Chubbies has officially released its first pair of pants, just in time for fall.

SPY recently named Chubbies the most comfortable swim trunks for men, and the brand has always focused on casual summer apparel with bold, retro styling. In addition to swimwear, Chubbies also makes a funky line of Hawaiian shirts and 5-inch inseam shorts I can’t get enough of. Basically, for pool days, beach days, bar-hopping Saturdays and picnic-ready Sundays, Chubbies has something for you to wear.

Today, August 3, Chubbies announced that it was releasing the “Everywear Pants“.

And as the name suggests, you’re going to want to wear them everywhere.

How do I know? Because I have them on as I’m typing this sentence, and can fully attest to their comfortability.

Chubbies sent SPY a pair of the Everywear pants for review ahead of their release, and in addition to passing the WHF test, I also tried them out in the wild. Unfortunately, summer heat waves aren’t the best time of year to review pants, but overall I’ve been very pleased with this debut. Keep reading for SPY’s Chubbies Everywear Pants review.

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Our E-Commerce & Special Projects Editor Tyler wearing the Chubbies Everywear Pants typing this and fully attesting to their comfortability. Tyler Schoeber | SPY

Introducing the Everywear Pants, by Chubbies

I thought DUER had it down pat with the coziest pants I’ve ever thrown on my body (and if you’re looking for the most comfortable jeans, specifically, then go with DUER), but the Chubbies Everywear Pants are giving my personal favorites a serious run for their money. Each pair has a super classic look that emulates your average pair of chinos alongside the comfortability you’d expect in your favorite pair of joggers. This elite duality makes them the perfect pair of pants for wearing quite literally everywear, from at home on the couch to your office cubicle to your post-work bike ride to your next Hinge date.

In the Everywear Pants, you can do everything. They’re dressy enough to wear to a business-casual office, but they’re comfortable enough for weekend fun. And they might just be the best beach pants ever made.

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Courtesy of Chubbies

But, how are these so versatile? Well, it’s all in the construction. These are a full-length version of Chubbies’ most popular design, therefore, they’re created with essentially the same details. Each pair is so lightweight that at times, you’ll forget you’re even wearing pants. Trust me, there have been at least two times so far that I’ve looked down to make sure I still had my Everywear Pants on. The material used is super soft the same way Chubbies’ shorts and swim trunks are, plus they offer a four-way stretch so you can move in any direction as needed. To ensure each pair will fit, the brand even included an interior drawstring to help you keep your pants on even beltless.

As someone that’s been a massive fan of Chubbies ever since the brand’s launch, there’s only been one flaw I’ve experienced. It’s that I have to store my Chubbies away each and every winter. Now with the Everywear Pants, Chubbies’ sole flaw has been terminated. I can finally wear my Chubbies year-round and I’ve never been more excited.

Want a pair for yourself? You better get on it. Snag anywhere from size small to XXL right now for $94.50 in one of six different cool colors below and get in on some year-round Chubbies now.

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Courtesy of Chubbies