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You Won’t Look Like a Square With Baggu’s Circular Leather Crossbody

* Circular-shaped cross-body bag
* 100% leather cowhide, made in the USA
* Adjustable shoulder strap and zippered top

Sometimes all it takes to update your wardrobe is a discreet, subtle change in detail. So swap out your usual bag — one we’re guessing has four corners — for Baggu’s effortlessly cool, uncommonly shaped circular leather crossbody bag.

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Stitched from super-soft, slightly textured 100% leather cowhide, it’s a literal 360 in style. The circle silhouette lays nicely against the body, well proportioned to carry a day’s worth of essentials and more.

The slim shape belies a surprisingly roomy interior lined in sturdy fabric, one where you can fit a large smartphone, continental wallet and makeup with room to spare. There’s also four generous pockets inside as well, great for smaller items like keys or a lip balm. On the outside, find a front pocket for even more storage. The shoulder strap adjusts so you can comfortably wear it across the body as intended, or slung along a single shoulder, while a zippered top makes for easy access – and security.

Giving your look a fresh new spin doesn’t always have to mean a flashy, trendy new item to your wardrobe, and this simple, elegant circle bag will certainly prove that point correct.

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