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These Sunglasses Give the Classic Aviator Style a Unique Twist

* Thin, square-shaped take on classic aviator silhouette
* Designed by Oliver Peoples’ Larry Leight
* Polarized, UV-protective lenses

The Oliver Peoples “Clifton” sunglasses offer a modern take on the classic aviator design. They feature thin frames and a slender brow bar but transform the classic aviator lens shape with subtly squared lines.

Aviator sunglasses were first introduced in the 1930s and became a popular eyewear style that unequivocally represents American cool. Most modifications to a shape as iconic as the aviator tend to be, at best, redundant, but these square-shaped sunglasses introduce a beautiful variation to an old-school favorite.

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Made in Italy and constructed with the acute attention to detail one can expect from Oliver Peoples, the Clifton sunglasses feature polarized lenses that offer a high degree of UV protection, while maintaining great visibility even against the glare of sunset or the light of early morning.

Designed by Oliver Peoples’ founder Larry Leight, these sunglasses reflect his signature retro-inspired aesthetic. Since he debuted Oliver Peoples in 1987, Leight has become known for superb craftsmanship and modern interpretations on classic designs, as exemplified by the Clifton sunglasses. He skillfully combines the delicacy of 1960s style with contemporary detail. The Clifton sunglasses come with an included hard shell case and cleaning cloth.

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