The 10 Best Things to Buy From Club Monaco Right Now

The 10 Best Things to Buy
Image courtesy Club Monaco

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* Fall is on the horizon, which means it’s time for a wardrobe change
* Basics for guys and some flair for the ladies
* Transition into cooler weather with our picks from Club Monaco’s latest pieces

In case you haven’t noticed (and we’re sure you have), the days are growing ever so slightly shorter, which means we’re inching closer to fall. But fret not because the upside to a change in the season means a change in wardrobe. And we’ve sifted through all of Club Monaco’s latest and picked our five favorites for both women and men.


1. Truleen Pant

According to Pantone’s fashion color report for this fall, Club Monaco’s Truleen pants will definitely be on trend with its fall-esque floral print. Not only that, but the relaxed fit will ease the transition from summer to fall.

Image courtesy Club Monaco


2. Annina Skirt

If a skirt is in order then the accordion pleated Annina skirt in this striking shade of emerald is a must. Dress it up or down and you’ll surely get compliments every time.

Image courtesy Club Monaco


3. Torela Tie Jumpsuit

The theme this fall looks to be relaxed and why shouldn’t it be? The Torela Tie Jumpsuit may just become your most versatile piece. Throw any number of layers over or under and you’ve got multiple outfits in one.

Image courtesy Club Monaco


4. Delani Blazer

We’re not saying you need a pant suit, but an unstructured blazer like the Delani certainly should have its place in any closet. Like our other picks, this one is also fairly versatile and will work with a variety of other pieces, like the Torela Tie Jumpsuit (above) or your favorite pair of jeans.

Image courtesy Club Monaco


5. Senella Suede Jacket

And now for the pièce de résistance…a classic biker jacket done up in a deep shade of emerald and ultra-soft goat leather suede. Your new go-to jacket that ditches basic black for something equally versatile but a little less boring.

Image courtesy Club Monaco



1. Short-Sleeve Heathered Crew

Guys, it’s time to get back to basics and your first purchase should be this short-sleeve heathered crew. Why? Because who doesn’t want a comfy tee that feels like it’s just been broken-in. You know the kind.

Image courtesy Club Monaco


2. Connor Stretch Chino

These aren’t your dad’s chinos. Those aren’t due for a retro comeback anytime soon, if ever again. What the Connor Stretch Chinos are, are the kind that you can wear from work to a night out and possibly even all weekend if you wanted to.

Image courtesy Club Monaco


3. Luxe Merino Henley

We’ve raved about the wonders of merino wool before, so you shouldn’t be that surprised to see the Luxe Merino Henley on this list. This particular three-button crewneck is a blend of merino wool, silk and cashmere, so might not actually want to ever take it off. You might not need to given merino wool’s natural bacteriostatic properties.

Image courtesy Club Monaco


4. MA-1 Bomber

If by now you still haven’t gotten an MA-1 bomber jacket, let this be the year that you do. There’s a reason this classic is still in heavy rotation. Better late than never.

Image courtesy Club Monaco

5. Cashmere Colorblock Crew

No, colorblocking is most definitely not passé but that’s not why we picked the Cashmere Colorblock Crew. We just love how this one strikes the right balance between simple and subtle.

Image courtesy Club Monaco

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