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Why This Coach Clip is Seriously Money

Whether you’re heading out with friends or taking in a quick workout, there’s really only two things you need: your phone and a little cash. Perhaps that explains why more and more people are ditching their bulky old wallets in lieu of a simpler, old-school classic: the money clip.

Offering a more sophisticated look with a low-key approach, this Coach Money Clip makes it easy to carry cash, credit cards, and your license all in one convenient, lightweight package. A timeless essential, it’s crafted in rich, glove-tanned leather and features an artisanal bombé effect that’s both modern and minimal.

Worried about keeping everything safe? You needn’t be. The hand-tacking at the bend of this money clip, and a remarkably strong magnetic closure, ensure your cash will stay right where it belongs: in your pocket. It holds many bills, is durable, and allows you to keep your credit cards separate from your currency.

Let’s be honest, have you ever used that buy-one-get-one-free coupon that’s been sitting in your wallet for ages? If not, it’s time to pare down for a simpler approach. We feel more organized just thinking about getting rid of all those forgotten business cards already…

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