Columbia’s Latest Star Wars Bounty Is Inspired by The Mandalorian

columbia x mandalorian december 2020
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Sure, Star Wars has always been a sprawling space epic that’s managed to captivate and entertain generations of fans. Star Wars is also a huge vehicle for merchandise. After all, who doesn’t want to swing around their own lightsaber, or play with action figures or LEGO sets to recreate their favorite moments, or even wear a cool shirt to let people know of your love?

Outdoor sportswear company Columbia knows how cool Star Wars can be and has worked to bring recreations of some of the franchise’s coolest jackets to life over the last few years. Beginning in 2016 with Rogue One-inspired jackets, Columbia has been reproducing styles inspired by Han, Luke and Leia’s looks from the ice planet Hoth, Empire Strikes Back crew jackets, and even plays on the light and dark side of the force. But for this year, they’ve gone all out and are powering up their hyperdrives to focus on The Mandalorian.

Mandalorian Interchange Hybrid Jacket Featured Image Columbia

As is the case from past collections, the Columbia and Mandalorian collab is gear around protection from winter weather, which naturally allows the brand to play up the elements of the titular character’s Beskar armor. There was even a cheeky line in the company’s release about the collection “featuring functional pieces that armor against the weather.”

Those interested might want to move quickly though, the collection has sold out every year, and this one aims to be no different. Those looking to prove their mettle should hit on December 4 for a chance to collect their own bounty. Looking cool and staying warm? This is the way.

Clever bits of marketing aside, the collection does just this. Take the Mandalorian Interchange Hybrid Jacket, for example. Model to look like Mando’s famous armor, it’s a dual canvas and softshell construction. The interior features the brand’s Omni-Heat™ 3D lining, which works to actively reflect one’s body heat to keep them supremely warm. And if you need some extra protection, slip on the included vest to make things warmer. There are subtle details in the construction of the jacket that will remind you of Mando’s armor, including the angular shapes on the vest itself.

Mandalorian Interchange Hybrid Jacket

If jackets aren’t your thing, the Mandalorian Heavyweight Hoodie makes for a fantastic layering piece or as a cozy standalone option. Mando’s armor’s layered look carries over (complete with the Razorcrest insignia given to him at the end of the show’s first season), and a bit of Mandalorian text that translates to “This is the Way.” The heavy-duty cinch cords in the hoodie help cover your ears on brutal days and include a standard hoodie front pocket.

Mandalorian Interchange Hybrid Jacket Columbia


Mandalorian Heavyweight Hoodie

However, the real crown jewel of the collection will be this absolutely adorable The Child Jacket. Yes, that means you’ll be able to turn your child into Baby Yoda. The water-resistant shell and Omni-Heat™ lining provide plenty of warmth and look pretty lowkey on their own. However, reveal the Sherpa fleece hood, and you’ll find a set of adorable green ears that can be stowed away. It’s bound to make your child even more cute than normal — and is a fantastic holiday gift for the Star Wars fan in your life.

Mandalorian Heavyweight Hoodie Columbia


The Child Jacket

While The Mandalorian was a smash hit in its first season, much of the merch (especially around Baby Yoda) was delayed to keep the surprise. Now that it’s all out in the open, customers get to reap the rewards. Columbia’s collaboration is a perfect example of how to create fun yet practical gear in the spirit of the franchise.

The Child Jacket Columbia

Again, these products won’t be released until December 4, and we encourage you to sign up at Columbia’s website so that you’re the first to hear about the release.

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