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Compound and Save The Duck’s New Collab is Sustainable, Stylish and Great

As we all enter into a world where conversation and sustainability are critical, more and more brands are taking steps to ensure the clothes they create are suitable for both the consumer and the world at large. That’s been the mission of Save The Duck, an Italian brand launched almost a decade ago, who started the company in 2012 with a desire to “create a product respectful of animals, environment, and people,” according to the company website. StD has found a great partner for their newest collaboration: Set Free Richardson and his brand, Compound.

Set Free (the creator of the legendary basketball AND1 Mixtape series) started Compound as a way for athletes to flex their creative muscles but gained considerable notoriety for working alongside the NBA Players Association in 2020 to show how players were playing for a more significant cause. The “Play for Change” shirts were worn in the NBA bubble and outside of it by a handful of prominent NBA players, including JR Smith, Jae Crowder, Jaylen Brown, and Giannis Antetokounmpo. Compound is driven by a love of the seven elements as defined by the Greeks and Romans (fire, water, earth, air, wood, metal, and ether) and are reflected through the brand’s repeated use of seven numerologies. Now, that elemental approach is meeting one of the sustainable brands in the world, thanks to StD.

Launching on (you guessed it, December 7), the partnership between the two brands will see the release of both practical and fashion-forward winterwear collection that’s both 100% cruelty-free and vegan. Those two elements are hard enough to execute on their own, let alone together. The full range of products includes a jacket, a hat/mask combo, gloves, three graphic hoodies, and a striking electric yellow parka. Additionally, the campaign imagery features hotshot Houston Rockets point guard Kevin Porter Jr. and legendary hip-hop artist Jadakiss.

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Courtesy of Compound

Set Free carefully considered each piece of the collection with sustainability and style in mind. Yet, the collection doesn’t skimp on features in pursuit of that sustainability or style. The yellow parka is a highly technical piece (clad in a GORETEX construction with both breathability and waterproofing and a liner that will keep you warm up to temperatures in the low 20s) of outerwear that’s ready for the worst winter can through at you, clad in a rubber-ducky yellow that’s bound to make a statement whenever you wear it. We also are taken with the hat and mask combination, which is perfect to wear in the city or on an outdoor trip.

Compound x Save The Duck Parka

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Courtesy of Compound

Clothing is a way of conveying first impressions to the world about who we are and what matters most to us. What better way to send a message to the world than with a collection rooted in social good, one that just so happens to look stylish as hell to boot? You’ll have your chance when the collaboration goes live on December 7 at Compound and Save The Duck.


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