Flannel Weather Is Coming and We’re Stoked: Peep 20 Flannel Shirts We’re Loving Right Now

Two Men in Flannels
Courtesy of Everlane and Target
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Flannel shirts are back — and that’s worth getting excited about.

The lumberjack staple had a brief moment back in the early 2000s when hipsters were rocking flannels with selvage denim and work boots, but in 2020, flannel shirts have a new identity. Stylish celebrities are rocking flannels with streetwear outfits, while fashion-conscious normal dudes are wearing low-key flannels to work or the bar. The new look draws on the flannel trend of the 90s (the shirt has had many appearances in the spotlight) and is being worn with chinos, joggers, hype sneakers and other modern staples.

But style isn’t the only talent of flannel shirts. The shirt was originally intended for chilly evenings by the campfire or similar outdoor activities, and it’s still great for that sort of thing too.

If you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe with a killer flannel (for fashion or outdoor function), read on. We’ve rounded up 20 of the best men’s flannel shirts for every style and purpose below.


1. Filson Alaskan Guide Shirt


The ideal flannel updates the classic lumberjack look, introducing some rugged campfire class to your wardrobe without looking too, well, lumberjack-y. This Filson flannel shirt does just that and boasts some outdoor-ready quality as well. It comes in a few different colors, but we think this heather grey, black plaid option is the most modern of the bunch and works best with a wide range of outfits.

Rock it with black chinos and a pair of retro sneakers when you hit the town, or with jeans and boots while camping. Either way, it’ll add some comfy warmth and masculinity to your outfit.

Filson Alaskan Guide Shirt Courtesy of Filson


2. Legendary Whitetails Buck Camp Flannel Shirt


Look handsome in a flannel that will ultimately step your style up a few notches. Confused? Don’t be, check out this electric blue detailed flannel shirt below and see exactly what we mean. This flannel shirt will add a handsome pop of color to your fall and winter wardrobe without looking too out there in the process. It’s made from 100% cotton and has a contrasting corduroy collar and cuffs to add a bit of extra pizazz. Not sold on the color? Don’t worry, there are 20 more to choose from.

Legendary Whitetails Buck Camp Flannel Shirt Courtesy of Amazon


3. CQR Men’s Flannel


Designers are now selling flannel shirts for hundreds, but you don’t have to shell out that much for a good flannel. If you’re looking to save some coin, opt for this flannel from CQR. It comes in at just over $20 but features quality touches like a corduroy collar and cuffs. Plus, with several color options, the shirt provides an impressive style upgrade for very little dough. Just be sure to order a size up and wash on cold, as reviewers say the shirt shrinks a bit (even though it says pre-shrunk).

Flannel Shirt Men's Camping Courtesy of Amazon


4. L.L.Bean Sherpa-Lined Scotch Plaid Shirt


Flannel was originally utilized for its warmth, and it’s still a great option for fending off the cold. If you’re using your flannel shirt to stay warm, we suggest this one from L.L.Bean because of it’s extremely cozy sherpa-lined interior you won’t find elsewhere. It features premium Portuguese flannel that traps body heat to keep you warm and sherpa fleece to make the shirt the coziest you’ll wear all season long. It’s perfect for chilly mornings or evenings while camping, but it also works great for commuting to work on a brisk day.

L.L.Bean Sherpa-Lined Scotch Plaid Shirt Courtesy of L.L.Bean


5. Patagonia Lightweight Fjord Flannel Shirt


While thermal-lined flannels are great for staying warm, lightweight flannels, like this Patagonia, are incredibly versatile layering tools that you can wear year-round. During the cold months, wear it over a T-shirt and under your winter jacket, or wear it solo as a comfy evening shirt during the summer. This kind of shirt also makes a versatile travel companion, as you can wear it on a hike or to the bar — a skill that few shirts can claim. We love this one from Patagonia because it’s very high-quality (like everything from the adventure brand), but the price tag is reasonable at under $80, while other colors are even more inexpensive.

Patagonia Lightweight Fjord Flannel Shirt Courtesy of Backcountry


6. L.L.Bean Scotch Plaid Flannel Shirt


Flannel shirts don’t get much more tried and true than this one from L.L.Bean. I mean come on, this red plaid overshirt should be a staple in any man’s closet. It’s tough, it’s burly, it’s manly and it’s an overall sexy way to rock the lumberjack look even if it isn’t Halloween. But hey, if it is, this is a pretty great shirt to own for a last-minute costume.

L.L.Bean Scotch Plaid Flannel Shirt Courtesy of L.L.Bean


7. Goodfellow & Co. Standard Fit Flannel Button-Down Shirt


Come on, you’re going to shop at Target anyway, so this one should come easy. This classic, easy to wear flannel is the no-brainer type of shirt to add to your cold-weather wardrobe this season. You can pair it with just about anything and it looks effortlessly good on all shapes and sizes. Rock it with a pair of jeans and work boots or spice it up a little and throw on a pair of chinos to solidify your look. This blue style ain’t for you? No worries, there are a number of other colors to choose from.

Standard Fit Long Sleeve 2-Pocket Flannel Button-Down Shirt Courtesy of Target


8. Stoic Heavyweight Solid Flannel Shirt


For a go-to outdoor flannel, we recommend this Stoic Heavyweight Solid Flannel Shirt. The fabric is heavyweight to keep you warm in the cold, but it’s not lined so you can still utilize it during spring and fall. It has a regular fit that allows you to layer tees or thermal shirts underneath, and breathable fabric for easy wearing while hiking or working at the campsite. This shirt’s on sale right now for 25% off too, so get on it before it’s back at full price!

Stoic Heavyweight Solid Flannel Shirt Courtesy of Backcountry


9. 9M Flannel Button-Down Shirt


Ditch the classic plaid or solid-colored flannel you know so well for a style that’ll help you stand out. This 100% cotton-made shirt is casually brushed with a little bit of fleece to help take your look to another level and keep you cozy while doing so. It’s cut with a relaxed fit so it won’t feel too loose or too tight on the body, yet is large enough to allow for a tee to be worn underneath if chosen. Pair this with your go-to ripped blue jeans and a pair of brown boots this season to spice up your fall look a little.

9M Flannel Button-Down Shirt Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


10. ASOS DESIGN Oversize Wide Brushed Flannel Check Shirt


The oversized look in terms of men’s shirts has been trending for a few years at this point due to pop culture and the hip hop scene, and to be honest, we’re loving it. Just check out this oversized white flannel from ASOS. It’s effortless in its design, featuring just about everything you’d expect from a regular, ‘ol flannel, but it’s larger to serve more of a baggy look instead of a classic fit. Pairing an oversized shirt with a skinnier pair of jeans is always the move, so be sure to do that. Add a pair of high-tops to the look and you’re just about golden.

ASOS DESIGN Oversize Wide Brushed Flannel Check Shirt Courtesy of ASOS


11. Amazon Essentials Slim-Fit Long-Sleeve Plaid Flannel Shirt


Let’s be real for a minute. Shopping on Amazon is way, way too easy. We know your carts already full of face creams, toilet paper, game consoles — the whole nine yards. Why not add an easy flannel shirt to your cart while you’re at it? This plaid flannel shirt from Amazon Essentials is an easy cold-weather go-to when it comes to style. Wear it on its own or pair it with a graphic or solid tee underneath. It’s perfectly casual and under $20, so just about everyone can afford it.

Amazon Essentials Slim-Fit Long-Sleeve Plaid Flannel Shirt Courtesy of Amazon


12. UNIQLO Flannel Checked Long-Sleeve Shirt


Mix and match not one, not two, but five different patterns into one wild long-sleeve flannel by snagging this bad boy from UNIQLO. This almost fluffy, 100% brushed cotton flannel is giving us gothic scarecrow vibes just in time for fall, and we’re kind of obsessed with it. It’s absolutely on the more casual side of style in terms of clothing, but it’s a totally unique way to spice up your look this fall. UNIQLO is kind of the best when it comes to killer price points, so for just $30, this handsome mixed matcher could be yours.

UNIQLO Flannel Checked Long-Sleeve Shirt Courtesy of UNIQLO


13. Amiri Beige Bleached Flannel Shirt


By featuring a long-sleeve Japanese cotton design, this flannel shirt from Amiri has already taken the flannel game to the next level. The top half of this shirt is pretty modern. Quite honestly, it’s no different than anything you might find at your local Target. But, once you start to head to the bottom of this flannel, you’ll begin to notice that the traditional look takes quite the sharp turn. The bottom half is ultimately destroyed and ripped to shreds, losing that bottom hem to create an “I just escaped from zombies” kind of look. Adding a bit of a bleached look to tie the whole thing together, this distressed, decayed option is quite the eyecatcher.

Amiri Beige Bleached Flannel Shirt Courtesy of SSENSE


14. Everlane Modern Flannel Shirt


Although flannels shirts are button-ups, they’re probably the most casual button-ups around. This makes them perfect for casual offices (when were finally back in them, that is) because they still look sharp but aren’t too rigid and old-school. If you plan on rocking a flannel at work when we all get back in 2021, this modern flannel shirt from Everlane is probably is your best bet. The solid color is more professional than typical flannel plaid, but the deep blue adds some lightness and vintage style. For a killer office outfit, wear it with brown or grey chinos, a white undershirt, and minimal premium leather sneakers. Blue ain’t your style? Don’t worry, Everlane has a multitude of colors to choose from in this style.

Everlane Modern Flannel Shirt Courtesy of Everlane


15. Acne Studios Blue Flannel Patch Shirt


While classic flannels from iconic brands are always a good purchase, modern flannels from designers are currently taking most of our attention (and money). Because flannel shirts are traditionally so rugged, a good designer touch typically turns out something very unique and versatile in a modern wardrobe. We like this one from Acne Studios because it retains the timeless plaid pattern, but uses an 80s-inspired black wash with an oversized design. At $600, it’s an absolute bank-breaker, but it’ll look stellar on your bod.

Acne Studios Blue Flannel Patch Shirt Courtesy of SSENSE


16. H&M Cotton Flannel Shirt


Another skill in the flannel shirt’s extensive repertoire is acting as a killer date-night piece. As mentioned, flannels are a good balance of rugged and sophisticated, making them a smart move for grabbing drinks or a casual dinner on a date. This one from H&M is definitely on the more inexpensive side when it comes to flannels so you can spend a little more on that extra appetizer or that third round of drinks.

It has a flattering trim fit and a neutral colorway that will work with most of the clothes in your closet. For best results, wear the shirt open over a logo tee with high-quality sneakers and black or grey chinos.

H&M Cotton Flannel Shirt Courtesy of H&M


17. Standard Cloth Vintage Acid Wash Flannel Button-Down Shirt


In an unlikely turn of events, streetwear brands have fallen in love with the lumberjack shirt. Hot new brands have taken the flannel shirt, tweaked it, and produced some truly unique modern pieces, such as this vintage acid-washed flannel from Urban Outfitters. The shirt takes the regular, shmegular flannel idea and throws a bit of bleach all over it to make an unbeatable statement piece for hitting the town.

Standard Cloth Vintage Acid Wash Flannel Button-Down Shirt Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


18. L.L.Bean Scotch Plaid Flannel Hooded Shirt


Ready to ditch the look and make of your traditional flannel? Dope — check out this hooded option from L.L.Bean. This flannel took some tips from your favorite winter hoodie to provide that cozy feeling you get when swaddled in a sweatshirt. It has an ultra-relaxed fit to keep you looking more casual than put-together and even comes in a few colors to choose from. Tied together with a drawstring hood, this baby is perfect for any kind of day you wear it on.

L.L.Bean Scotch Plaid Flannel Hooded Shirt Courtesy of L.L.Bean


19. Madewell Flannel Sunday Shirt


In recent months, weekends have become much, much, more casual due to the ongoing pandemic. We’re going out less, which means not as many barhops and club appearances. But, that doesn’t mean we don’t want to look good depending on wherever our weekends may take us. So, ditch the club ‘fits and bar garb for your new Sunday best — this casual flannel shirt that’s perfect for all of your fall and winter activities. It’s cool and cozy to keep you looking handsome and feeling great at all times.

Madewell Flannel Sunday Shirt Courtesy of Nordstrom


20. Engineered Garments Multicolor Flannel Floral Shirt


Though most flowers are on a growth halt until March 2021, bring this spring-centric look into your fall and winter attire by sporting blooming flowers all over your classic flannel. By featuring the three primary colors, this multicolor floral flannel sticks to the basics while at the same time, takes the look up a few notches. On this bad boy, you can find one chest pocket and a hidden-button closure typically unseen in most flannel shirts. We suggest wearing this with a light pair of straight-fit jeans and your favorite Chuck Taylor’s.

Engineered Garments Multicolor Flannel Floral Shirt Courtesy of SSENSE


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