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Finally, Men’s Belts That Don’t Suck

For many men, the best thing that can be said about belts is that they’re a necessary evil. Belts are often uncomfortable, unforgiving, and it’s hard to find one where the hole is in the right place. And those are just the functional problem with belts. Aesthetically, it can be a nightmare to try to find a belt that matches the vibe of your outfit (casual, business, etc), as well as the colors. A leather belt should match leather shoes, and ideally, the hardware should match too (a silver buckle paired with a silver watch, for example).

With those things in mind, it’s pretty clear that just relying on one belt for every single outfit might not cut it. But dropping a grand on a few designer belts isn’t ideal either, which is why it’s worth checking out the affordable belts that are available on Amazon. It’s easy to stock up on a bunch of different belts that will easily match various outfits.

Some of these belts feature cut-to-fit lengths, eliminating the eternally frustrating dangling-belt problem. The cut to fit options also have side-ratchet buckles, so there’s no need to worry about belt holes being too far apart. But if you just want a classic, no-frills single-tongue belt that’ll set you back less than your morning Starbucks order, there’s are options in that category too.

1. Bulliant Slide Ratchet Belt for Men

This belt comes in almost 40 color and buckle options, and it features a side-ratchet buckle. The belt length can be cut-to-fit. The part that gets cut goes into the buckle, so there’s no need to worry about a messy fringe. The leather comes in multiple finishes: smooth, pebbled, and Saffiano (which is a cross-hatched texture).

Pros: Resizable, available in almost 40 leather colors and buckle finishes. Good for dressy or casual attire.

Cons: Belt is thicker than some preferred.

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2. Marino’s Men Genuine Leather Dress Belt

For a traditional, single-tongue belt buckle, this option from Marino is available with a silver buckle and a variety of common leather colors like mahogany, tan, and chocolate brown. That way, it’ll be easy to match your belt to your dress shoes. The classic design makes it a versatile option for anything from casual to business dress.

Pros: Affordable, classic design. Available in colors like burgundy, burnt umber, and black.

Cons: Difficulty with sizing, we recommended sizing up.

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3. Gelante Woven Belts

The great thing about woven belts is that you can stick the prong anywhere in the fabric, so it’s easy to make minor adjustments without having to punch a new hole or completely take the belt off. This affordable woven belt comes in subdued options like navy and gray, or you can embrace the preppiness with a multicolor option.

Pros: Braided fabric makes it easy to adjust, comes in vibrant colors.

Cons: Some found the sizing inconsistent.

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