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Paul Smith’s Multi-Colored Billfold Wallet Is Absolutely Delightful

* Slots for up to eight cards
* Comes in a black gift box
* Made in Italy

If there’s one men’s accessory that seems to always get overlooked in the fun department, it is without a doubt the wallet. The humble billfold is generally pretty drab and only available in solid colors, the alternative being something a bit too wild and out there. So it comes as a bit of a shock and relief that Paul Smith’s Black Colour Band Interior Leather Billfold Wallet falls somewhere in between.

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At first glance, the smooth black calf leather wallet, with its gold foil Paul Smith signature, looks like your standard boring wallet. Until you open it up to reveal a delightful, yet understated, band of colors across each card slot, of which there are eight. The combination of burgundy, brown, indigo and petrol bands are absolutely stunning without being garish.

Made in Italy and measuring 4.3” x 3.7”, you’ll have ample room for all your cards, bills and whatever else you might carry in your wallet. In addition to the eight card slots, there’s a black fabric lined larger main compartment, as well as two side compartments. Paul Smith’s Black Colour Band Interior Leather Billfold Wallet also ships in an all-black gift box, so whether you’re keeping it for yourself or sending along as a gift, it’s ready to go.

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