After You Hug Your Grandma and Plan a Trip, Celebrate Inoculation With This COVID Vaccine Merch

covid vaccine merch
Courtesy of Etsy
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The past year has been a weird one, to say the least. Instead of dinner parties, subway commuting and first dates, we saw face masks, hand sanitizer, social distancing and working from home take center stage. The COVID-19 pandemic was a monumental thing to live through, once in a generation, and we all received a crash course in coping with significant amounts of bad news every day. Now, we’ve finally got some good news coursing through our veins (literally) in the form of the life-saving vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson. Vaccines are now widely available in the US to all adults, and if you haven’t already gotten yours, and you’re medically able to, I strongly encourage it.

Once you’ve gotten a pin prick (or two!) and you’ve reached full immunity, it’s time to celebrate. There are plenty of ways to note the occasion and signal to your friends, family and extended network of acquaintances that you’re #vaccinated and ready to party. You could post a picture of your band aid arm on social media, snap a shot of your COVID-19 vaccine card (which some are saying you should avoid), or you could starting sporting some COVID-19 vaccine merch.

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If you’re a big enough celebrity or entity these days, you’ve probably created some merch. YouTuber merch has become a common way for 14 year-olds with millions of subscribers to extend their income even further, and with every new movie release comes the opportunity for a novelty t-shirt. Even NASA’s got merch, if you’re as obsessed with aliens as I am. Getting your COVID-19 vaccine and surviving one of the worst health crises any of us will experience in our lifetime is a notable occasion, so buy a freaking button if you feel like it. I search the internet for some cute, functional COVID vaccine merch that you should buy to signal your health status to others, but also to have a relic of these strange, challenging, hopeful times we’re living in. Here’s what I found.


1. I Got My COVID-19 Vaccine Shirt

Sport this funny, COVID-19 vaccine shirt that tells it like it is. Just because you can gather with people again, doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily want to, and that’s okay. Be selective with who you share your time and energy with post-pandemic, and let this t-shirt set the tone.

covid-19 vaccine shirt, covid vaccine merch Courtesy of Amazon

I Got My COVID-19 Vaccine T-Shirt



2. I Got My COVID-19 Vaccine Crewneck Shirt

The band-aid design on this COVID-19 vaccine shirt perfectly matches the medical theme of the moment, and it comes in a variety of colors other than black. It also comes in sizes x-small all the way up to 5x-large.

i got my covid-19 vaccine shirt, covid vaccine merch Courtesy of Amazon


3. Don’t Worry, I’m Vaccinated Graphic T-Shirt

Not to worry, the vaccine has been taken care of. There’s been a lot of worry this year — let people know you’re no longer a potential medical threat to them with this t-shirt. It also comes in a bunch of bright, fun colors.

don't worry I'm vaccinated t-shirt, covid vaccine merch Courtesy of Amazon

Don't Worry I'm Vaccinated Graphic T-Shirt



4. Vaccinated T-Shirt

Vaccine? Check. This is another simple, neutral t-shirt handmade on Etsy that you can buy and sport to establish your vaccination status. You’ll be declaring your successful inoculation and hopefully encouraging others to do the same.

vaccinated t-shirt, covid vaccine merch Courtesy of Etsy

Men's Vaccinated T-Shirt



5. Men’s Fully Vaccinated, You’re Welcome Shirt

When you get your vaccine you’re not only taking a major step towards keeping you safe, you’re also helping others stay safe as well. This sassy t-shirt makes that clear along with celebrating your vaccine status, and it comes in a bunch of colors including this cool maroon.

fully vaccinated you're welcome shirt, covid vaccine merch Courtesy of Etsy

Men's Fully Vaccinated You're Welcome T-Shirt



6. Pfizer Alumni Vaccinated Shirt

So, which vaccine did YOU get? Pfizer or Moderna? Or Johnson & Johnson? This t-shirt will answer that question once and for all, and they make them for Moderna as well! The vaccine you received does tie you to a much larger community who also received the same dose, so it is like a weird college alumni association.

Let me be clear, though, all vaccines are great and if you haven’t gotten yours yet, the first one you’re offered is the best one.

pfizer alumni vaccinated shirt, covid vaccine merch Courtesy of Etsy

Pfizer Alumni Vaccinated Shirt



7. Moderna Vaccinated Shirt

This trippy sunset t-shirt celebrates the Moderna vaccine, as opposed to the Pfizer, and comes in a few different colors. It’s made of comfortable Bella canvas material and is unisex, so anyone can rock this fit. If you’re on #teamModerna and have gotten one or both of your shots, this t-shirt is a perfect way to mark the occasion.

moderna vaccinated shirt, covid vaccine merch Courtesy of Etsy

Moderna Vaccinated Shirt



8. Relax I’m Vaxxed Button

This button is all about the zen and groovy vibes that a COVID-19 vaccination will bring to your life. Now’s the time to relax, knowing you’re protected by antibodies and the world is a little calmer than it was a year ago. The design is printed using a laser printer and then sealed onto a button that’s 1.25″ wide.

relax i'm vaxxed, best covid merch Courtesy of Etsy

Relax I'm Vaxxed 1.25



9. I’m Vaccinated Pinback Buttons

This cute button costs less than $2.00 and perfectly marks the inoculation occasion. The buttons are available in two different colors and come ready to pin on your backpack, purse, lunchbox or briefcase. They’re high-quality, well-designed and a perfect relic for the future when being “fully vaccinated” won’t be the #1 qualifier on dating profiles.

fully vaccinated buttons, covid vaccine merch Courtesy of Etsy

CraftyQueerStudio I'm Vaccinated Button



10. Rosie Pinback COVID-19 Vaccine Buttons

Rosie the Riveter led us through one crisis, now she’s back to help you celebrate getting your COVID-19 vaccine and encourage others in your community to do the same. This 1.5″ diameter pin’s got a great design with bright colors and easy-to-read text. Rosie’s been brought into the current era of modern medicine and camaraderie, and she’s your perfect companion in informing others of your vaccination.

Rosie covid vaccine button, covid vaccine merch Courtesy of Etsy

CraftyQueerStudio I'm Vaccinated Button



11. I Got My COVID-19 Vaccine Button 25-Pack

If you’ve got a bunch of friends and family to give COVID-19 vaccine buttons to (and we hope you do!) this 25-pack is perfect. It’s filled with multicolor buttons that declare, loud and proud, that you’ve gotten your vaccine. Each one has an easy-to-use pinback and is perfect for giving out at vaccine sites or just to your immediate bubble.

I Got My COVID-19 vaccination button, covid vaccine merch Courtesy of Etsy

I Got My COVID-19 Vaccine Button 25-Pack



12. COVID-19 Vaccinated Vinyl Sticker

If you’d rather not wear a button or a t-shirt, but still want to show your support for COVID-19 vaccines, these cute vinyl stickers are a great way to go. They declare you’re vaccinated with a fun cartoon band-aid, and you can place them on anything — from your phone case, your go-to travel mug and even your laptop.

covid vaccinated vinyl sticker, covid vaccine merch Courtesy of Etsy

Covid Vaccinated Vinyl Sticker



13. Got My Fauci Ouchie! Button

Despite this sort of cringe phrase, this button is cute and celebrates your vaccine as well as the man himself, Dr. Anthony Fauci. What a legend, and this button puts him center stage where he belongs. Not only will this button serve as a remembrance of this weird time period in our lives, it’ll also commemorate the man who brought us through it all.

Fauci ouchie button, covid vaccine merch Courtesy of Etsy

Dr. Fauci Ouchie Button



14. Fully Vaccinated Socks

These “Fully Vaccinated” socks make the inoculation statement in a more subtle way, and are super comfortable due to a cushioned bottom. The foot is black and the artwork along the calf is printed in bold colors that won’t fade. They’re super soft and low key so only the true lovers of detail will get the message.

fully vaccinated socks, covid vaccine merch Courtesy of Etsy

Fully Vaccinated Socks



15. Vaccinated Coffee Cup Tumbler

This Maars skinny steel tumbler has a matte exterior and is 20 oz of double wall 18/8 stainless steel so your drinks stay cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. It’s got a powder-coated finish to protect against bumps and scratches, and it has a clear push-on lid as well as a straw for easy sipping. Plus, it’s got a bright, vibrant, rainbow-colored vaccinated message on the side so everyone knows you’re fully vaxxed.

vaccinated tumbler, covid vaccine merch Courtesy of Etsy

WilmotByDesign Vaccinated Tumbler



16. Vaccinated Embroidered Pigment-Dyed Cap

I love the style, design and “vaccinated” status of this classic baseball cap. It’s made of lightweight, breathable cotton and has an antiqued brass buckle for sizing it to your exact specifications. It’s a perfect staple for days out on the trails, by the pool or on the beach. The vaccine element is subtle but there, and will remain relevant for years to come.

vaccinated embroidered pigment-dyed baseball cap, covid vaccine merch Courtesy of Etsy

Vaccinated Embroidered Cap



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