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Giddy Up With the 10 Best Cowboy Boots for Men

We couldn’t have predicted it ten years ago, but cowboy boots are very much in style at the moment. And with Yellowstone being a major force in entertainment, we can only imagine who’s off to the races to grab themselves a pair. This trend was slowly brewing, but designers have embraced western wear and that classic All-American aesthetic; cowboy boots were overdue for a comeback. The best cowboy boots for men can serve any purpose, from working on the ranch to Saturday nights at the bar in Bushwick.

When it comes to Western wear and cowboy boots for men, it’s safe to say they’ll always remain at the height of fashion. You can never go wrong with anything Western in your closet, especially boots. Men’s cowboy boots, much like combat boots or sneakers, have been a go-to style for guys for years, mainly because the footwear option is practical, comfortable, and just damn stylish.


How Men’s Cowboy Boots Made a Comeback

The cowboy boot, or men’s Western boot, has an English and Mexican heritage. The boots were modeled on the Wellington or Hessian boots, which were lightweight leather riding boots. Variations of that style were worn by the American military even up to and slightly after the Civil War, and they were popular among horse riders on the American frontier.

Of course, as time went on, cowboy boots took many different designs to cater to the lives and work of everyday people. A few notable styles of Western boots that have been around for generations are classic cowboy boots, roper boots, and harness boots.

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More recently, western-inspired fashions have become popular once again (think Lil Nas X in “Old Town Road,” think Yellowstone). The Yeehaw aesthetic in Black culture has helped drive this trend, and people all over the country are falling in love with the leather and country vibes that come with modern western wear.

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We recently previewed the new Thursday Boot Company western collection at the brand’s flagship store in New York City. Courtesy of Thursday Boot Company

As we said above, there are three main styles of cowboy boots:

Cowboy boots: The first type of men’s Western boots are the most iconic. The silhouette usually has a slanted, stacked one-inch heel called a Cuban heel. The toe can either be pointed or round, and the shaft usually hits mid-calf. The vamp usually has topstitching and/or tooling (an etched design). That tooling can sometimes be carried up the shaft. Some cowboy boot shafts are heavily embroidered or have fabric inserts.

Roper boots: Roper boot heels and shafts are lower than a cowboy boot. They’re sometimes called the “gentlemen’s cowboy boot,” as they look like a dress shoe.

Harness Boots: In approximately 1860, The Frye Company designed a boot that has a square toe and is highlighted with an ankle strap with metal rings that hugs the bottom of the boot’s shaft and goes over the heel. Named the Harness Boot, they were used by the U.S. Calvary.

Those classic styles birthed the modern styles of cowboy boots we all know and love today.

How to Wear Cowboy Boots

You can wear cowboy boots with anything. But if you’re going to wear wool trousers, opt for a sleekly designed, low boot like a roper, Chelsea, or ankle boot, as they’re designed more for office wear.

So if you’re finally ready to find your inner cowboy or just looking to experiment with your style, here are some of our favorite pairs of cowboy boots for men. And don’t forget the power of pairing them with a pair of boot-cut jeans.

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If you’re looking for Western boots that will never go out of style and will withstand wear and tear throughout the years, say howdy to The Dillon Boot by Tecovas. They’re skillfully crafted from caiman belly with a calfskin shaft. The boots come with a soft bovine lining, providing you with a great fit and added comfort. These crocodile boots are a piece of wearable art you should consider adding to your wardrobe. Just don’t forget to size up, as they run a bit small.



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San Antonio–based Lucchese Boots has been creating Western boots since 1883, so it’s safe to say that the brand is a legend in its own right. Their Baker boot is a round-toed leather boot with a 7-row stitch pattern, a 12-inch shaft, and a 1.375-inch stacked heel. The quality and craftsmanship alone make them worth it.



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Thursday Boot Company recently became the latest footwear brand to release a western collection, and we’re obsessed. The collection includes three different styles of western-style cowboy boots, with styles for men and women. Personally, we love the Desperado. Choose the type and color of leather that best speaks to you and hitch on these new men’s boots.

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When it comes to buying a decent pair of boots, you’re going to spend a hefty amount. But if you want some that are a little more wallet-friendly, we suggest going after the Ariat Bench Made James Western Boot. These boots were made from hardy Hardy American bison leather and
Goodyear welt leather construction, so they’ll withstand for seasons to come. And with removable all-day cushioning insole and cork-filled forefoot, your dogs won’t be barking at all. Instead, they’ll be supported with comfort.


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As you might know, Western boots can take a while before they’re broken in. However, Justin’s Buck Boots are comfortable even on your first wear. These boots feature a flexible comfort system insole that supports your feet and offers a great amount of cushion when walking.

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Tescovas’ The Townes is designed for all the modern-day cowboys looking to make a fashion statement. In fact, they’re wearable art made from American Alligator and have versatile look for everyday wear. You’ll find these boots to look most stylish paired up with nice sleek pants for a special evening. Oh, and you’re bound to score major compliments on these bad boys.

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For the guys who want their boots to have a minimal design, we suggest going with this boot design from Rios of Mercedes. It’s built to withstand wear and tear largely due to its handmade construction. The supple boots are crafted from cowhide leather, lined with a cushioned insole. You’ll find these to be a fine staple in your wardrobe, as their simplistic aesthetic pairs well with anything.

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Are you looking for a pair of boots with a modern twist? Opt for the Frye Conway Harness Boot. They have a practical 7-inch shaft and a 2-inch heel that make these babies comfortable for all-day wear.

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Not into boots with an embroidered design? You’ll love this roper boot from Rhodes Footwear. The boots are crafted from a premium suede upper that is breathable and odor-resistant, enhancing their overall shelf life in your closet. They’re designed with a quality fit that will mold your feet for the perfect, comfortable fit. If you aren’t a fan of the Mojave colorway, you have the option of getting these in black and hickory, too.

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Another notable pair of Western boots found on Amazon is the Dan Post Winston boot. It’s made of a genuine lizard upper with a leather shaft with white stitching. You have plenty of color choices for these handsome boots, with options including black, gray, tan, brown, and bay apache.