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Every Guy Should Own This Sweater

* Nautical-inspired striped sweater from Lacoste
* Features the classic crocodile emblem
* Easy to wear, wash and maintain

We all need that classic, go-to sweater – the one that matches with everything you own and features in your outfit rotation (at least) once a week. If only it wasn’t so hard to find. Enter Lacoste. The French brand known for producing preppy polo shirts has also been making cool, easy sweaters for decades.

Grab this navy and white striped crewneck, with its nautical-inspired look and hearty rib knit. It goes great with boots and a blazer, and can be paired with everything from khakis and jeans, to your favorite pair of sneakers and sweats. Double up on the Lacoste look by throwing the sweater over a pique polo, or wear it over a collared shirt for an effortless layered combo.

A sweater that fits properly while also being flattering is a win-win in your wardrobe. Lacoste sweaters enhance a skinny physique and narrow a larger figure. The soft cotton blend is a traditional choice for men who want to stay warm but don’t want to be weighed down by heavier materials like wool.

Donning the distinct left-breast crocodile, this sweater is a classic piece that will never go out of style. Easy to wash and maintain, it’s also an ideal four season sweater – perfect for a winter hike, or brisk nights by the beach. Buy it once, wear it often. Really often.

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