The 10 Best Crew Neck Sweaters to Pop on for a Zoom Meeting or Wear on a Casual Stroll Outdoors

victor-li-zig-zag-sweater unisex stripes
Courtesy of Victor LI
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There’s something so comforting about crew neck sweaters for men. You slip one on, toss on a pair of jeans and in 10 seconds or less you’ve got a cool-looking outfit that also feels good. Fashion experts can go on ad nauseam about creating a style wardrobe that must have a handful of essential items like a tee-shirt, dark jeans, white sneakers, and of course, the crew neck sweater — it’s enough to make you roll your eyes out of your head. But honestly, owning a crew neck sweater (or three) is really a great boost for your overall style, comfort (yes that word again) and look.

Here’s an example of how a crew neck sweater can make you look cool. Say you’re working from home and are in a tee and jeans; you’ve got a Zoom meeting coming up in twenty minutes. You need to look a bit more pulled together or business-y when discussing fourth quarter options, right? Toss on a crew neck sweater over said tee, and if you’re feeling jaunty, add a bandana and boom! You look like Mr. Master-of-it-all.

Crew neck sweaters for men let you add a layer when the weather suddenly goes bonkers — high-gust winds appearing out of nowhere or a fast temperature drop. Tie one around your waist, toss it over your shoulders or stow one in your backpack. During the summer, you can add a linen-blend sweater, use it as an accessory to finish off an outfit (the wrap around your waist or over the shoulder thing), and if you end up getting dragged into a store with icy A/C, you won’t feel like a penguin caught in an arctic stream. Of course, wearing a crew neck sweater during the winter, over a flannel shirt or turtleneck, is a no-brainer, too.

We’ve gathered up a few crew neck sweaters for men that you can wear now and later. There’s a great cashmere sweater that’s on sale, a retro look or two, even some sporty options — basically, there is a crew neck sweater for almost any activity or mood.


1. J.Crew Crew Neck Sweater in Garter Stitch


What’s a garter stitch? Knitters use it to create a textured item that looks the same on either side. It also “gives” or moves with the wearer. If you wear a garter stitch sweater over another layer, it doesn’t give that compressed feeling. This J.Crew sweater uses breathable cotton in its garter stitch sweater, the result is a sweater that breathes with you. The thing about this sweater and cotton sweaters, in general, is that you can wear them all year long; cotton sweaters are light yet durable and work easily with a t-shirt or a heavier fabric button-down. This crew neck sweater for men comes in two other patterns and a slew of colors.

J.Crew-Crewneck-Sweater-in-Garter-Stitch stripes Courtesy of J.Crew

2. Amazon Good Threads Merino Wool Birdseye Crew Neck Sweater


Some people dig merino wool because it’s great for travel; even after being rolled up in a suitcase and getting wrinkled, with a couple of quick shakes, it looks like it’s led a pampered life. Softer and thinner than regular wool, Merino is almost as soft as cashmere, and like that luxe fabric, can be worn all year long. Amazon’s Good Threads merino crew neck sweater uses two different threads that create a “birdseye” pattern. That luxe detail is just one of the reasons why we zeroed in on this cool sweater. We think this sweater is a winner as it has a touch of sportiness via the ribbed cuffs, waistband and V-stitch or Dorito knit (yes, that’s its real name) detail at the neck. And finally, it has plenty of rave reviews. This crew neck sweater for men comes in four colors: charcoal, denim, navy, green and comes in sizes that range from extra-small to triple extra-large.

Amazon-Good-Threads-Merino-Wool-Birdseye-Crewneck-Sweater Courtesy of Amazon

3. SHEIN Colorblock Sweater


The early 60s surfer vibe never goes out of style. Eye-catching, fun to wear and easy to pair with, you can never go wrong with this style of graphic crew neck sweater. It sports a ribbed neckline, cuffs and waist. Wear it with the sleeves pushed up and gray jeans, or try it wearing it over the shoulders, knot the sleeves, with a white tee and dark jeans.

SHEIN-colorblock-crewneck-sweater Courtesy of SHEIN

4. Victor Li Zig-Zag Crew Neck Sweater


Fashion designer Victor Li’s been in business since 2018, and while it’s only two years since he opened his doors, the Parson’s grad has been interviewed or featured in Surface, Vice’s Garage, and WWD and has dressed a slew of celebs including Robert Downey, Jr, Anthony Mackie, and Taika Waititi. Li’s essential inspiration for all his collections is that of a young traveler exploring the world. While his fabrics are sourced from places Li’s visited, everything is made in New York City. This sweater’s stripes were inspired by traditional rug patterns, and then that was parsed out into an abstract design. Made from a cotton blend with a slightly slouchy silhouette, this seasonless crew neck sweater for men is an investment that can be worn for years.

victor-li-zig-zag-sweater unisex stripes Courtesy of Victor LI

5. Amazon Essentials Men’s Crew Neck Cable Sweater


One of the finer points regarding crew neck sweaters for men is that they’re available in every imaginable color, print, fabric, texture, and pattern. An interesting texture or pattern raises its eye appeal, much like this sweater from Amazon Essentials. Cable knits have been around forever, it’s one of those patterns that goes with anything from denim shorts, to skinny jeans to trousers. This cable knit crew neck sweater for men comes in 10 hues: from neutral heather (shown here) to black and fashion-forward rust. Feeling classic? Go with navy or heathered olive.

Amazon-Essentials-Mens-Crewneck-Cable-Cotton-Sweater Courtesy of Amazon

6. Proper Cloth Cashmere Blend Crew Neck Sweater


Like many fashion e-commerce companies, Proper Cloth started with one idea; create custom-made shirts for men. As they’ve grown, the company still provides bespoke shirts but now has an entire line of menswear. Everything is designed in their New York Studio and made with materials from all over the world. Their merino-wool and cashmere-blend sweater normally goes for $150, right now it’s on sale. When cashmere is on sale, don’t think, buy. Why? Simply because cashmere lasts forever. This sweater will cocoon you with softness for years. The ribbed pattern gives it a refined, yet rugged style, with a dose of cottagecore chic. Proper Cloth’s crew neck sweater for men also comes in taupe.

Proper-Cloth-Wool-and-Cashmere-Ribbed-Sweater Courtesy of Proper Cloth

7. Amazon Essentials Men’s Crew Neck Sweater


When you come across a nice sweater that feels good, looks good and won’t fall apart after a couple of uses, you grab it and run. Amazon Essentials has a bunch of men’s stuff that’s on-trend and survives the washing machine (edit note: I own a pair of their men’s jeans, and dang, they’re awesome). Their cotton crew neck sweater comes in a variety of colors, stripes of all sizes and even argyle if you want to channel your inner golfer.

amazon-essentials-mens-crew-neck-sweater-in-navy Courtesy of Amazon

8. Rossignol Odysseus Crew Neck Sweater


When you hear the word “Rossignol,” I bet you think of skiing, ski wear and all sorts of winter fantasies. Their sweaters are just as legendary as their equipment. However, you don’t need to fly down a black diamond to wear this crew neck sweater that’s emblazoned with the brand’s signature stripes. This merino wool sweater wicks away moisture from your skin, has antimicrobial properties and is light enough to wear during the spring and early summer. Crew neck sweaters originated with rowing teams in the 30s, so one could say that this crew neck sweater for men is one of its relatives. It comes in black, dark navy, heather black and white.

Rossignol-Odysseus-Crewneck-Sweater solid with a stripe Courtesy of Rossignol

9. The Banana Republic Organic Cotton Raglan Sleeve Sweater


Athleisure is a trend that’s been absorbed into mainstream fashion. And since we’re all living a much more casual lifestyle (thanks, pandemic), athletically inspired clothing that can be worn anywhere is huge. This organic cotton sweater from The Banana Republic is a perfect example. It has the classic crew neck and the relaxed raglan sleeves of a sweatshirt. This relaxed sweater comes in seven other colors.

Banana-Republic-Organic-Cotton-Raglan-Sleeve-Sweater in red Courtesy of Banana Republic

10. Bonobos Striped Linen Sweater


Somewhere in the midst of history, some guy decided that blue and white horizontal stripes on tees and sweaters should be worn when either working or relaxing on a boat, any type of boat. And back in film’s golden years, that stereotype was reinforced by actors wearing them while cavorting on yachts. These days, blue and white striped sweaters are a sign of spring and it’s more than okay to wear them hundreds of miles away from the ocean. A blue and white striped sweater, like this one from Bonobos, is always good to have in your arsenal. It can be paired with white, dark, nautical blue or beige jeans. Linen, by nature, is a breathable, durable fabric that’s great to wear during warmer months. It comes in two other colors and sizes from extra small to double extra-large.

Bonobos-navy-striped-linen-sweater Courtesy of Bonobos

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