The Only Crocs Christmas Gift Guide You Need – What To Buy Crocs-Loving Loved Ones in 2021

crocs christmas gifts
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It should go without saying that Crocs are the shoe of the year. Sure, in the past, there might have been some super back and forth opinions regarding Crocs, but it seems that this year everyone’s on the same page. Crocs are as cool as it gets.

You can say we’re Croc-obsessed at this point. We named the holey clogs the best shoe of the year in The 2021 Man, our end-of-year product awards. We’ve also written literal love letters to Crocs. And not only did we name these comfy clogs one of the year’s best Christmas gifts, but Crocs make an appearance on just about every one of our holiday gift guides. On top of all that, our colleagues at Footwear News, who are pretty much the world’s most renowned footwear experts, just named classic Crocs the shoe of 2021.

For so many reasons, Crocs are one of the best Christmas gifts to give this holiday season. And if you order before December 19, you’ll get your Crocs in time for Christmas with 2-day shipping. Some popular Crocs styles are even on sale for the holiday season. There’s truly never been a better time to buy Crocs, so you better get shopping!


Why We’re Wearing Our Crocs With Pride in 2021

Get in, we’re going shopping for Crocs, and we can’t wait to show them off to the world. This year, we’re wearing our Crocs with pride, and we think you should too.

These shoes have a “let’s let loose” vibe that’s perfect for post-pandemic fashion, which is all about comfort and personality. They’re fun, comfortable, goofy and at this point, as stylish as it gets. We think everyone should have a pair of Crocs in their repertoire at this point.

But here’s the sad truth — some folks out there don’t own a pair of Crocs yet. We know, it’s shocking. With so many cool styles, from platforms to fur-lined Crocs, in addition to cheery accessories like the highly sought-after Crocs’ Jibbitz, there’s an overwhelming abundance of ways to rock Crocs in 2021. Why wouldn’t you want a pair?

Crocs christmas gifts Courtesy of Crocs

Whether you’re looking to snag a new pair of Crocs for yourself this holiday season or you’re looking for the best Christmas gift for women, dads, moms or anyone else, see below for the best Crocs Christmas gifts you can snag now.

Our Crocs Christmas gift guide has options for the whole family, and we think you’ll find something you’ll love for yourself, too.


Crocs Holiday Cheer Jibbitz

These adorable Christmassy Jibbitz are the perfect gift idea for anyone on your list that practically lives in their Crocs. If they plan on wearing their Crocs the whole day after Santa comes down the chimney, gift these so they can snap ’em in to celebrate.

Crocs Holiday Cheer Jibbitz Courtesy of Crocs


Crocs Classic Lined Clog

Fuzzy-lined Crocs for the win! Folks always have something to say about Crocs, insisting that they’re solely a summer shoe. Well, eat your heart out, because Crocs also offers the winter shoe of the century that’s built to take on all your cold-weather errands. These fuzzy-lined Crocs are the exact same Crocs you wear in the summer but with a fuzz-lined interior to keep your tootsies toasty. They’re ideal as an indoor slipper just as much as they’re ideal for wearing to the grocery store. Colors? Don’t even fret. Crocs has ’em all!

Crocs Classic Lined Clog Courtesy of Crocs


Crocs Classic Tie-Dye Graphic Clog

It simply doesn’t get much cooler than Crocs’ tie-dye collection. This colorful clog features the brand’s OG option decorated in an array of vibrant colors. There are a number of different color options depending on your preference and sizes are available in both men’s and women’s. As you might expect (unless you’re new to the Crocs community), each pair is lightweight, easy to clean and fun to wear.

Crocs has slashed prices 30% on these snazzy clogs. Head to Crocs’s official store to start saving.

Crocs Classic Tie-Dye Graphic Clog Courtesy of Crocs


Crocs Socks

Yes, Crocs has socks! And there’s never been a better time to find out than now with this adorable holiday gift set. Celebrate the holidays the right way by spending Christmas morning coating your kids’ feet in one of seven pairs of holiday-themed Crocs socks. Each pair is made with high-quality elastic and compacted yarns to keep your feet cozy at all times. Plus, the patterns here are simply adorable.

Crocs Socks Courtesy of Crocs


Crocs Brooklyn Low Wedge

While wedge season is months away, let your favorite woman anticipate warmer weather by leaving these low wedge sandals under the tree. These wedges have all that comfort you know so well with Crocs but push the style up a couple of notches to make it a little more formal. She’ll be able to wear these when doing groceries, to the beach and she can even pull them off at a fancy dinner. It doesn’t get any better than multifunctional!

Crocs Brooklyn Low Wedge Courtesy of Crocs


Crocs Classic Platform Clog

One of the coolest ways to rock clogs in 2021? By adding some height. Platform shoes are regaining popularity recently by ditching that 90s grunge aesthetic with a quirkier approach through the lens of Crocs. They’re available in a wide range of colors as you can expect and are currently only available in women’s sizes. Trust us, everyone looks better a few inches taller in Crocs.

Crocs Classic Platform Clog Courtesy of Crocs


Crocs Jibbitz

Alright, so if you’re going to own a pair of Crocs, you need to snag some Jibbitz. It’s just the way the cookie crumbles. There are so many Jibbitz options to choose from that will only add to the fun of wearing Crocs. You can snag Jibbitz on their own in solo packs or grab a variety pack to stick them in multiple holes. Variety packs make for some of the best stocking stuffers of the year and even include some favorites like characters from the Peanuts and Baby Shark.

Crocs Jibbitz Courtesy of Crocs


Crocs Fur Sure

It simply doesn’t get more fun than one of Crocs’s newest drops: the Fur Sure. This is part of Crocs’s Cozy At Home initiative, which is more or less meant for the indoors and WFH warriors. Sure, you can wear these out, but you wouldn’t want to ruin that adorable fur in inclement weather, would you? Not only are these cozy looking from the outside, but the interior is also packed with faux fur to keep your feet nothing but warm this year. Colors range from blacks to purples to pinks to animal prints.

Crocs Fur Sure Courtesy of Crocs


Crocs Classic Sandal

Not only does Crocs offer a variety of clog-like shoes, but they have a number of different style options that are sure to make you geek out. Just take a gander at these sandals to see what we mean. These relaxed-fit, two-strap sandals are built with that classic foam cushioning you’d expect in a classic pair of Crocs’ clogs without the same design. Like the majority of Crocs products, you can easily clean these if they get dirty. In addition, there are holes over both straps on each sandal so you can plug some Jibbitz in if you’d like.

Crocs Classic Sandal Courtesy of Crocs


Kids’ Crocs Christmas Gift Set

Do you have any kids on your holiday shopping list? Adults aren’t the only ones who love Crocs, and kids of all ages are sure to love a comfortable pair of shoes that don’t require any annoying shoelaces. And just like adults, you can pick kids’ Crocs in tons of fun colors and decorate them with endless combinations of JIbbitz charms. If you’re playing Santa Claus and looking for the best Crocs Christmas gifts, then we recommend checking out the Crocs Disney collection.

kids crocs Courtesy of Crocs


Crocs Crocband Flip

Although you won’t be able to include Jibbitz anywhere in Crocs’ Crocband flip-flops, don’t write them off just yet. We have to be frank and say these might be the most comfortable flip-flops you’ll ever throw on your feet. They have a sporty design and keep buoyant and water-friendly in the summertime. As mentioned, the fit is super comfortable, which doesn’t get lost in the toe thong. For those of you who’ve worn flip-flops in the past, you’ll know that lots of toe thongs aren’t the most comfortable, but you’ll have no issue here.

Crocs Crocband Flip Courtesy of Crocs


Classic Lined Neo Puff Boot

Crocs that are rainboots? Well, yeah. Crocs that are rainboots. Step out in swagger with the Classic Lined Neo Puff Boot. Sure, they might look a little bit like what you’d wear if you ever got the chance to go to the moon, but hey, they’re kind of tight. Plus, you can cover them completely in Jibbitz if you want. Because isn’t that what Crocs are for?

Classic Lined Neo Puff Boot Courtesy of Crocs


Crocs Literide Pacer

Last but not least, we had to talk about Crocs’ sneakers, which they call their Literide Pacers. Each sneak has an already broken-in feel so you can simply get going without ever feeling any sense of discomfort. The insoles are dramatically soft with a resilience that’s simply unmatched. They have a number of holes that are classic to Crocs, so we wouldn’t consider this your “run in the rain” type of shoe. Nonetheless, these make for a great errand to exercise companion.

Crocs Literide Pacer Courtesy of Crocs


Crocs ‘The Child’ Charm

Last but certainly not least, we have this adorable Crocs Jibbitz charm featuring Baby Yoda, aka Grogu, aka “The Child”. The true star of The Mandalorian has captured the hearts of millions, and this adorable little charm is a perfect stocking stuffer for anyone that loves Star Wars and Crocs.

crocs baby yoda charm Courtesy of Crocs