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Crocs’ Christmas Release Is The Perfect Mash-Up of Ugly Shoes And Ugly Sweaters

Christmas isn’t far away, which means we’ll be seeing lots of new products that are perfect for gifting. If you’re a fan of Crocs, hot cocoa and all things cozy, then you’ll want to get your hands on (and feet into) Crocs 2022 holiday release, which has a fuzzy lining and a Christmas-sweater-inspired print.

Even though footwear trends come and go, Crocs have stuck around. Maybe it’s that they’re unfashionable to begin with, so they can’t go out of style. Or maybe it’s their ironic charm that keeps them going. But perhaps it’s best to just accept that they’re some supremely comfortable shoes.

Crocs is also constantly releasing new styles, and it’s safe to say we’re fans. We’ve covered their Staple collab, their General Mills collab and given advice on how to keep Crocs clean. We’ve even written full-blown love letters to this shoe.

Crocs’ Christmas clogs have a shearling lining, so you can easily transition from your summer Crocs to your winter ones. They’re available in red with a white print, and they just released a new color, which is white with a green and red print. And of course, since personalization is the name of the game with Crocs, they come with matching, seasonally appropriate charms, AKA Jibbitz.

The red crocs come with white Christmas tree and deer Jibbitz, while the white crocs come with multi-colored gingerbread men, dinosaurs and poinsettias. They’re available in men’s and women’s sizes, and are available now for $70.