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Crocs and Diplo Just Released a Limited Edition Collection … And Let’s Just Say You Have To See It For Yourself

Crocs continues to ride the ugly shoe trend, pairing with yet another celebrity to release a limited edition collection. In this new undertaking, the brand takes things to the next level with DJ, songwriter and producer Diplo, releasing a duo of aesthetically challenged footwear that is a bit … out there.

The limited-edition Crocs x Diplo release dropped on Tuesday, June 8, 2021, offering a set of wildly colorful designs. First up is the classic Crocs clog which features tie-dye swirls in multiple shades of pink, blue and yellow, topped off with 3D mushrooms jibbitz that light up. The other offering is the yellow-based two-strap sandal with colorful paint swirls and eight glow-in-the-dark jibbitz. Although the designs don’t fit into everyday aesthetics, they are certainly on par with Diplo’s branding and fondness for tie-dye and trippy psychedelic prints.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Crocs

The Crocs brand has recently seen a spike in popularity with younger consumers who seem to enjoy the laidback comfort and irony of their construction. But for many, it’s still baffling to understand just how Crocs became the new “it” shoe brand of 2020 and 2021 amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. Perhaps, it’s the comfort and ease of wear that purchasers enjoy, or maybe it’s the revolving door of collaborations that have people hooked? Or, maybe it’s both. It’s obvious that their more recent collaborations with Post Malone, Justin Bieber, and Bad Bunny certainly haven’t hurt, all selling out within mere hours of being released.

While the marketing strategy seems to be working for Crocs, it almost seems like they’re trying too hard with some of these collaborations. Take, for example, the recently announced Crocs Balenciaga collaboration. This pairing unveiled a redo of Croc’s traditional foam clog with a heel and a knee-boot rendition of the same style.

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Courtesy of Balenciaga

While there’s no doubt that these will ultimately sell out because of name-brand recognition, the styles, as well as those in the Diplo collection, are … interesting, to say the least. You can buy Crocs x Diplo Classic Clog for $69.99 and the Crocs x Diplo Classic Sandal for $49.99 on the Crocs website while supplies last.


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