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The Best Fitting Custom Men’s Suit That’ll Still Leave Plenty of Room in Your Wallet

When it comes to finding the perfectly fitted men’s suit, the struggle is real. Who has time to shop, find a skilled tailor, go in for measurements, wait for alterations and do a final pass to make sure it’s just right? Thanks to technology and a revolution in custom menswear led by Indochino, the bespoke men’s suit is something you can afford to speak of. Literally.

Driven equally by superlative style and service, Indochino makes a compelling case for using an e-tailor to buy a suit. Backed by their Fit Promise, which guarantees a “true Made to Measure experience,” they also load on the benefits, including seemingly endless customization options (monogramming, buttons, linings, vents, pockets, labels and more) and free shipping on orders over $150 in North America.

Indochino, which pioneered the custom menswear business in 2007, has refined their ordering process, saving you valuable time while making the process exceptionally simple. The key to perfect fits are accurate measurements, and they carefully walk you through the measurement process in a mere 10 minutes. Once your order is received, their Master Tailors review your information to ensure the best possible fit. Four weeks later, your custom men’s suit is delivered to your doorstep, ready for you to rock it, wrinkle free.

If you prefer an in-person consultation, Indochino has showrooms in many major U.S. cities including Beverly Hills, San Francisco, Boston, New York and Philadelphia, plus several in Canada, including Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver and Mississauga.

And while custom men’s suits are Indochino’s signature products, they have a wide variety of other handcrafted menswear including tuxedos, pants and fitted shirts. To polish the look, they also offer a large assortment of ties, pocket squares, tie clips, cufflinks, collar stays and pins.

Long lasting, comfortable and undeniably personal, Indochino men’s suits bring classic style to today’s on-the-go man. From their Perfect Fit guarantee to free shipping in North America, high quality, stylish fabrics and special options including wedding party register, Indochino makes it easy to suit up for any occasion.

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