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Cutting Edge: The Best Ice Skates for the Whole Family

* Comfortable and stylish skates for the entire family
* Superior fit with warm lining technology
* Ideal for skaters of all levels

Winter wouldn’t be complete without the excitement of the brisk cool air whizzing around you and the sparkling ice beneath you – yup, we’re talking about ice skating. It’s a fun and exhilarating way to stay active in the cold winter months, while spending quality time with your family. Whether you’re a skating noob or a hockey pro, we’ve round up the five best ice skates for the entire family.

1. Boys: Lake Placid Summit Adjustable Ice Skate

The fun never stops in these Lake Placid Summit Adjustable Ice Skates. Built with comfort and a kid-friendly fit system that expands the skates up to four full sizes, your little ones will be able to wear these skates over and over again with superior comfort and style. They feature warm woven lining, waterproof sole with deluxe comfort padding and reinforced ankle support so your child’s skates will stay secure.

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2. Girls: Lake Placid Summit Adjustable Ice Skate

Watch her skate like a pro in these sleek and stylish Lake Placid Summit Adjustable Ice Skates. They feature an adjustable locking buckle and power strap so your child can personalize her fit overtime, anytime. It comes complete with warm woven lining and deluxe comfort padding to ensure maximum comfort.

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3. Little Kids: Bauer LIL Champ Skates

If you’ve got little ones wanting to learn how to skate, the Bauer Lil Champ Skates are a great starting point thanks to their beginner-friendly design. They feature a one-piece nylon interior for a comfortable and warm fit while the single ratchet buckle system keeps the skate secure and allows for easy put on and take off.

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4. Mom: K2 Skate ALEXIS ICE Skate

Designed for ice skaters of all levels, the K2 Skate Women’s Alexis Ice Skate offers a comfortable fit no matter how long you hit the ice rink. The enhanced stability cuff provides maximum support while the thinsulate insulation and water repellent materials keep your feet warm and dry no matter the elements. These skates also boast injection locked stainless steel blade that will maintain its sharpness three times longer than any other blades.

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5. Dad: Bauer Vapor X400 Ice Hockey Skates

Strap up and get ready to hit the ice rink in style with the sleek Bauer Vapor X400 Ice Hockey Skates. For the avid or novice hockey player, you’ll tear up the ice with lightening speed thanks to its TUUK Lightspeed Pro Blade holder and TUUK Super Stainless steel runner. They’re crafted with anaform foam ankle pads and an anatomical, 2-piece felt that delivers superior protection for your feet.

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