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Brand Spotlight: Dandy Del Mar Is the Perfect Menswear Brand for Your Mediterranean Summer

If all the knit polos, johnny collars and linen-on-linen outfits haven’t tipped you off, menswear is having a leisure moment. Over the past year or so, we’ve seen a lot more interest in resort wear brands, which is part of a larger trend toward more comfortable clothing in general. Today’s men’s leisurewear is all about the old-school, off-duty vibe, complete with the shortest shorts trend in recent menswear history. And while the latest men’s fashion trends have us dressing more and more like our grandparents, that’s not necessarily a bad thing — especially when the end result is that it looks like we’re dressed for a vacation on the Italian Riviera.

There are many established brands who have shifted their design focus in this direction, like the newly revamped Abercrombie & Fitch or the last few collections from Aimé Leon Dore and Todd Snyder.

But there’s one resort wear brand we’ve been returning to again and again — the up-and-coming menswear brand Dandy Del Mar.

The company has arrived on the scene just as men have embraced the Mediterranean Talented Mr. Ripley aesthetic. But the folks at Dandy Del Mar aren’t just experimenting with old-school leisure — they’ve perfected it.  

This summer, some of the brand’s new product launches have sold out as fast as they can restock. If you haven’t heard of Dandy Del Mar until now, check out some of the brand’s best designs in this installment of SPY’s Brand Spotlight.


Dandy Del Mar Brisa Linen Shirt and Pants

Is it Mediterranean? Cuban? Something new? Whatever you want to call it, we love this vibe. It’s a cool, casual look that’s perfect for weekends at the lake, pool parties, or vacations on the coast.

Dandy Del Mar Mens


Dandy Del Mar: Swimwear of Old California

Dandy Del Mar opened up over six years ago and specialized in throwback leisurewear reminiscent of old Hollywood by the way of 1970s Malibu. Swimwear makes up about half of their men’s collection, offering a curated variety of thigh-bearing pieces in old-school colors and patterns. Geometric prints and dusky browns and yellows give their trunks a distinct nod to coastal California that’ll look just as good out on the town as it will dockside. 



Dandy Del Mar: Leisurewear Extraordinaire

The pièce de résistance, however, is the Sebastian knit shirt. This johnny collar knit polo has made the biggest splash in the collection. Available in four colors, it’s tailored to lovingly embrace the body it contains while featuring a cotton blend that’s not too thin for cooling temperatures but not too thick for when the weather heats up. Each color plays with a geometric pattern that you may recognize from an old fading photo of your uncle in his prime. You may even recognize the brown Sebastian knit shirt from an appearance by rising superstar, Simu Liu, on “Good Morning America.” He also owns the green, according to his Instagram account. 

Sebastian Shirt Dandy Del Mar Men's


Dandy Del Mar: Knit Sets for Summer and Resort

While the selections throughout the site remain limited, you could certainly build out an entire late-summer lineup or get a head start on planning for warm weather vacations in the dead of winter. Linen pants, terry cloth button-downs and some particularly choice leather slides, that we highly recommend, make Dandy Del Mar a big fit paradise. 

The best part: almost every piece can be purchased with a matching counterpart. Pieces aren’t so much designed that you can’t wear one without the other, but if you find yourself digging the waffle knit shirt, there’s a pair of shorts to match. The Grenadine shorts and shirt are our favorite sets. 

Even toward the end of summer, with sunlight getting shorter by the day and each night a tad chillier, it doesn’t mean you need to pack away your sunny pieces in the closet just yet (says the writer who lives in a perpetually warm city). And it doesn’t mean you need to cut off your summer shopping either — it’s still hot out there. But next time you’re searching for something truly new in the closet, Dandy Del Mar may have exactly what you didn’t know you needed. 

Cannes Waffle Knit Shirt

Cannes Waffle Knit Shorts Dandy Del Mar Mens


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