An Age-Old Sabbath Greeting Gets a High Fashion Treatment

This Designer Acrylic Clutch Is Another

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* Emblemized with “Shabbat” on one side, “Shalom” on the other
* Hard-shell, swirling blue acrylic clutch
* Lined interior with inlaid vanity mirror

While many have attempted to knock off the now-iconic Edie Parker look — hardshell box clutch emblemized with a cute bit of slang — it’s the careful attention to detail that still sets it apart from its imitators.

A true Edie Parker opens to a fully-lined interior and inlaid vanity mirror, just the way they made them in the 50s. On the outside, the exquisite meets the irreverent amid a swirling sea of blue acrylic; find “Shalom” inset on one side, and “Shabbat” on the other. Though Heyman’s revival of the mid-20th century acrylic box clutch was the inspiration that started Edie Parker, it’s the literal statement making like this that’s put her on the map.

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