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Designer Jeans for Men Are Making a Comeback: Check Out the Best 9 Pairs Now

The year was 2012. The birds were chirping, the world was supposed to end in December and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Thrift Shop” was topping charts for weeks on end. It started the mark of an era. An anti-designer movement that led millennials and older Gen Zers to the local Goodwill instead of the closest mall. The best, most comfortable jeans for men weren’t being purchased at Abercrombie & Fitch any longer. Instead, we were snagging $3 stained Levi’s on their last limb in hopes we’d look hip.

Now, thrifting is still a really cool hobby — but where are those $3 Levi’s now? Oh, the trash? Not shocked. They were falling apart the second you purchased them.

When buying jeans, it’s best to get them straight from the source. Yeah, secondhand clothing is an awesome and eco-friendly way to shop, but jeans are best purchased when they’re good-quality and brand-new to ensure a long lifespan. This is why we prefer designer jeans for men over any other pair of jeans when shopping for new denim.

Designer jeans for men are always a great investment. For starters, designers typically create their denim with tremendous care to keep the pants thriving for years upon years. These aren’t your typical $15 H&M purchase that rip after the fourth wash. Designer jeans for men are made to last and keep you looking good day in and day out.

Not only are designer jeans for men dependable, but some options can get pretty out there and eclectic. These pairs will essentially turn up your style and leave folks on the street passing by with double-takes in the best way possible. Designer jeans of men will keep you stylish no matter what you pair them with, making them a true bang for your buck.

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If you don’t know where to begin when looking for the best designer jeans for men, we’ve gathered a number of the best picks to consider this season below. From Dolce & Gabona to Fendi, check out all of the coolest designer jeans for men now.

1. Gucci Straight-Leg Jeans


Don’t be so shocked, Gucci can go simply. To show off their versatility, Gucci toned down their classic color pattern and logo design to give us a simple pair of straight-leg jeans to prove that sometimes, subtle is the best way to go. It’s got a classic waistband with all the bells and whistles your average pair of jeans do — belt loops, a zip fly and a 5-pocket design. These straight-leg jeans are as simple as it gets, so feel free to pair them with whatever you want.

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Courtesy of Farfetch


2. Brunello Cucinelli Straight-Leg Jeans


Brunello Cucinelli makes some of the most impressively constructed yet fashionable menswear on the market, so it’s safe to say that we fell in love with these jeans the second we locked eyes with them. These 100% cotton blue jeans have a fitted look to them that feels comfortable and looks fashionable. They are finished with a distressed design that won’t ever go out of style. We’re sure they’re going to be your new go-to pair.

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Courtesy of Farfetch


3. Polo Ralph Lauren Warren Slim-Fit Stretch-Denim Jeans


Yeah, budget designer jeans for men actually exist. Surprisingly, these washed black stretch-denim jeans from Polo Ralph Lauren are affordable for those balling out on a budget with these jeans coming in at just $100. They’re midweight with a stretchy-ish fabric so you won’t feel like you can’t breathe as you’re out and about. Not only that, but they’re also slim cut and midrise to fit your body comfortably from your commute to the office to happy hour.

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Courtesy of Mr Porter


4. Fendi Vertigo Rubber FF Pocket Jeans


White jeans can get tricky, especially when they’re as expensive as these gorgeously pristine puppies from Fendi. Why? Spillage. White jeans are so easy to get dirty, from toppled over drinks to dirty subway carts to chili cheese dog mishaps. The only problem? we still can’t help but buy them. They’re just too pretty. These pure white jeans from Fendi are too hard to pass up. They have a classic, comfortable fit and exude a white-all-over color with an additional FF back pocket to spice things up a bit.

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Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue


5. Dolce & Gabbana Slim-Fit Jeans


Black jeans have never looked better. While blue jeans tend to be some of the most “go with everything” articles of clothing you could wear, they don’t stand a chance against black jeans. Take these slim-fitters from D&G for example — one try on and you’ll be able to match them with just about anything under the sun. A white graphic tee with your friend’s face on it? Yup. A pink beret you found at a street fair in Paris? Of course. Your Great Aunt Jill’s hand-me-down cat-covered turtleneck? You bet. The options with these are endless.

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6. Versace Greca Jeans


You thought we were going to go without mentioning Versace? Guess again, slugger. These Greca jeans feature that classic royal-looking, Italian/Miami-esque Versace logo clad on one of the jean legs to exude an in-your-face kind of look toward everyone around you. Onlookers will automatically know what brand your jeans are as you unsubtly flex your ‘fit around as you’re out and about. Dress them up or down for a bold look.

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Courtesy of Versace


7. Off-White Logo-Print Slim-Cut Jeans


While these slim-cut jeans aren’t technically worn, they do have that worn look to them you’d find at the local Goodwill or Salvation Army. Given that they’re from Off-White, are you really surprised? These handsome designer jeans are a little stained, washed and distressed — but that’s all for fashion purposes. They fit like your favorite pair and have a classic slim-fit design that will have you moving and grooving throughout your day.

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8. Fendi FF Turnup Straight Leg Jeans


A lot of the best men’s jeans nowadays look best when cuffed at the bottom hem, just like these straight-leg jeans from Fendi. When wearing without rolling at the bottom, you’ll notice that these look like your average pair of jeans. They fit comfortably and look otherwise relatively mundane. Maybe you even bought them at Target. But, once you cuff them at the bottom — BAM! The Fendi logo peaks out to show you’re wearing a pair of the best men’s designer jeans. An instant showstopper.

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Courtesy of Nordstrom


9. Loewe + Paula’s Ibiza Pleated Patchwork Denim Jeans


As potentially our most stylish pair to choose, the Loewe + Paula’s Ibiza Pleated Patchwork Denim Jeans are a party on a pair of pants. The pair features a darker denim patchwork design envisioning a lunar phase calendar, which is a predictor of tides. It is a nod to Ibiza’s nightlife as well, considering when folks who typically party in Ibiza head out on the town, it’s at night. Hey, maybe even purchase your next plane ticket to the Spanish island and wear ’em there.

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