Prep for Fall With the Season’s Most Wanted Designer Logo Sweaters for Men

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Logomania is back, baby! It really never left, as logomania merely morphs into something different every season. So, whatever clothing item is essential that season (t-shirts, messenger bags, bucket hats, etc.) that’s where you’ll find designer logos. Looking at Fall/Winter 2021-22, we’re staring (somewhat longingly) at designer logo sweaters, which are replacing the designer logo t-shirts of summer. Name a designer and you’ll find an intarsia, jacquard, or appliqued sweater with their name and logo front and center.

For Fall 2021, designers don’t have just one logo sweater; they have, in the case of Gucci, dozens of styles of knitted sweaters to haunt your designer fashion fever dreams. Depending on your style or favorite color, you’ll find a logo sweater that’s totally “you.”

Because we love men’s sweaters and count down the days to the start of sweater weather, we’ve been eyeing this trend closely. In the time it took to produce this piece, several of our favorite designer logo sweaters for men sold out.

An Informal History of Designer Logomania

Logo sweaters aren’t a new “fashion thing”. In fact, they’ve been around for a long, long time. Way back when, the first big logo clothing item to buy was anything Lacoste. That little alligator was instantly recognizable all over the world. Then Ralph Lauren came along, and everyone (it seemed) needed to own a polo or a sweater with that little polo player racing in place on the chest. Sometimes the fashion world’s just like high school; one person does it, so everyone does it too. You ended up with a proliferation of logo anything. Heck, in the 80s, even J.C Penney got into the act. By the mid-90s, fashion was more interested in grunge than glam, and logos only lived on handbags and accessories. Obviously, the fashion pendulum has swung back, and modern fashionistas and clotheshorses aren’t afraid of rocking a designer logo.

So whether you love classic European fashion houses such as Gucci and Burberry or prefer American upstarts like Off-White, there are tons of designer logo sweaters to choose from right now.

We did a deep dive into the world of designer logo sweaters for fall and came up with 20 options that are worth adding to your closet. The list is organized from most expensive to rather reasonable, so if you can’t find something in your price range right away, just keep scrolling!


1. Gucci Long Sleeve Crew Neck Sweater

Gucci doesn’t have one logo sweater, the brand that has “maximalist” as its middle name, has at least a dozen designer logo sweaters up for offer. Gucci has logo sweaters that range from the classic repeating “GG” pattern to ones that are popping with personality.  We opted to showcase this wool crew neck sweater that highlights British children’s book illustrator Freya Hartas’ work. Scampering squirrels are surrounded by the brand’s GG symbols

Gucci-Long-Sleeve-Crew-Neck-Sweater Courtesy of My Theresa

2. J. W. Anderson Anchor Patchwork Crewneck Sweater

J.W Anderson is known for creating classically infused modern sportswear for men and women. He neatly subverts traditional styles into startlingly delicious items….like this chonk of a patchwork sweater with the designer’s logo front and center. This wool-blend sweater has so many colors in it, you may find yourself wearing it more than once a week as it goes with everything.

J.-W.-Anderson-Anchor-Patchwork-Crewneck-Sweater Courtesy of East Dane


3. Celine Homme Oversized Logo Intarsia Wool-Blend Boucle Sweater

Hedi Slimane’s been Celine and Celine Homme’s creative director since 2018; while we haven’t seen the return of the uber skinny silhouette, we’ve seen pieces that reference pop culture, both new tokens and old. This oversized designer logo sweater revamps a famous pop culture mouth and turns it into frame for the brand’s logo. Made from a wool blend, this boucle (bumpy texture) sweater is slightly oversized. Try it with dark jeans and combat boots.

Celine-Homme-Oversized-Logo-Intarsia-Wool-Blend-Sweater Courtesy of Mr Porter

4. Balenciaga Logo Intarsia Oversize Crewneck Sweater

Balenciaga, like Gucci and a few others, also has a few different designer logo sweaters to choose from for Fall 2021. They range from partially destroyed, to various color iterations of this style, to jacquard 3D knit logo sweaters. Toss on a yellow sweater to chase off gloomy winter days; this oversized cotton-blend sweater has the design house’s name running diagonally down it.

Balenciaga-Logo-Intarsia-Oversize-Crewneck-Sweater Courtesy of Mr Porter

5. Balmain Logo Print Merino Wool Sweater

Balmain’s logo sweater palette is mostly a sea of monochromatic hues, which is why when this sweater was spotted, we leapt on it as it stands out in a crowd. This logo sweater uses soft merino wool, and the red brand/logo is showcased on a khaki green background. Try this with chinos and Chelsea boots or sneakers.

Balmain-Logo-Print-Merino-Wool-Sweater Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

6. Givenchy Wool Sweater with Metallic Logo

Givenchy’s serving up futuristic fashion with their logo sweater. A large rectangular silvery metallic latex band with the design house’s name set in the middle, neatly bisects the black as night sweater. This wool sweater has a regular cut, ribbed cuffs, and waist. If you buy it now, Neiman Marcus has a gift with purchase that you can hide away until the holidays.

Givenchy-Wool-Sweater-with-Metallic-Logov Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

7. Dolce & Gabbana Colorblock Logo Sweater

Dolce & Gabbana’s known for creating over-the-top eye-catching designs. One of their designer logo sweaters is easy to wear off-duty or on. The virgin wool sweater’s a colorblock combo of marigold and a purplish-blue are brought together with a magenta logo written over where they meet. Slightly oversized and cut like a sweatshirt, this roomy logo sweater comes with a gift with purchase.

Dolce-Gabbana-Coloblock-Logo-Sweater Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

8. Off-White Colorblock Wool Sweater

Designer Virgil Abloh has the golden touch, as everything he makes sells out fast. That’s why we picked this Off-White logo sweater, it’s on pre-sale. Yep, you can purchase it now and when it’s ready to go out, it immediately goes to your house. No more worrying about hip checks in store or hovering over the buy it now button when it’s released. This tri-color sweater’s a mix of creamy white, soft orange with black trim. This wool sweater has a crewneck and ribbed collar, cuffs, and waist.

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Off-white-Colorblocked-Wool-Sweater Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

9. Fendi Maxi Logo Motif Sweater

You could opt for the basic FF brown/beige combo logo sweater, but why when there are much more fun options out there. This black and yellow Fendi logo sweater is way more creative, modern and not your dad’s FF print.  This wool maxi logo sweater sports a crew neck is slightly oversized and has the brand’s logo on the front and sleeves.

Fendi-Maxi-Logo-Motif-Sweater Courtesy of Far Fetch

10. Alexander McQueen Graffiti Logo Sweater

I say “Alexander McQueen,” and you say, “skull.” Yep, the two symbols have been entwined for years. This winter, break away from the expected and try this graffiti-style logo sweater from the design house. The crewneck cotton sweater has “McQueen” emblazoned across the chest, and towards the hem, there’s a horizontal abstract pattern, underneath is the full name of the designer.

Alexander-McQueen-Graffiti-Logo-Sweater Courtesy of Bergdorf Goodman

11. Marni Boxy Jacquard Logo Sweater

Marni’s logo sweater employs a dose of visual obfuscation in the design. Two primary colors meet at a 45 degree angle, and bam, there’s the logo. Made of soft and warm virgin wool, this regular cut sweater has ribbed cuffs waist.

Marni-Boxy-Jacquard-Logo-Sweater Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

12. Burberry Langston Logo Hoodie

Burberry is one designer brand that is not going all-in on logomania for the Fall/Winter season. However, we couldn’t resist including one hoodie in our designer logo sweater shopping guide, and we had to make it the Langston Logo Hoodie, which features a stylish shark motif. We love a good comfy men’s hoodie, but this particular product gives you quite a bit more fashion points than your go-to Nike hoodie.

burberry logo hoodie Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

13. Versace Jeans Couture Navy Logo Motif Sweater

A werewolf howling at the moon sits right under the Versace Jeans Couture logo on this royal blue sweater. The brushed wool-blend sweater is perfect for Halloween, or any time you want to add a dose of cheekiness to wherever you’re going.

Versace-Jeans-Couture-Navy-Logo-Motif-Sweater Courtesy of Ssense

14. A-Cold Wall* Logo Sweater

Designer Samuel Ross’ A-Cold Wall* is a relatively new luxury fashion brand. The London-based company has earned rave reviews and press from Vogue,  Hype Beast, i-D and the like. His sleek take on the logo sweater has the design house’s name encapsulated in jacquard bricks. This icy gray wool sweater has a regular fit and could be worn with pinstripes and lace-up boots.

A-Cold-Wall-Logo-Sweater Courtesy of Mr Porter

15. Charles Jeffrey Loverboy Red Logo Graphic Sweater

Some people call Charles Jeffrey an avant-garde designer, others think he’s just giving traditional menswear a much-needed breath of fresh air. He’s redesigned the Theatre Royal Drury Lane uniforms and named one of his collections, “Gloom.” Fond of bright colors and great fit his Charles Jeffrey Loverboy (yes, that is the name of the design house) red logo sweater has designs reminiscent of early Keith Harig. The wool-blend sweater is done in this season’s oversized silhouette.

Charles-Jeffery-Red-Log-Graphic-Sweater Courtesy of Ssense

16. Wacko Maria Cotton-Jacquard Sweater

Japanese-based Wacko Maria is a streetwear label that was founded by Atsuhiko Mori Keiji Ishizuka in 2004. The brand has worked with musicians and photographers and is frequently inspired by movies and pop culture. Their logo sweater features their often used icon along with one the brand’s most used phrases (in clothing) “Guilty Parties.” This cotton sweater also has an appliqued designer emblem at the waist.

Wacko-Maria-Cotton-Jacquard-Sweater Courtesy of Mr Porter

17. A.P.C. Logo Jacquard Sweater

French brand A.P.C is known for their minimalist yet cosmopolitan designs. They’ve created a logo sweater where the logo is placed almost at the side of waist. Sneaky, yet cool. This wool sweater comes in off-white or black.

A.P.C.-Logo-Jacquard-Sweater Courtesy of Mr Porter

18. Rowing Blazers Logo Sweater

You’ll want to snag this Rowing Blazers sweater before it sells out! Designer brands like Gucci have tons of logo sweaters for sale, but this is the only Rowing Blazers fit of its kind. Made from soft white cotton, this knitted sweater features the Rowing Blazers’ name in a crêperie motif.

rowing blazers sweater Courtesy of Rowing Blazers

19. Polo Ralph Lauren Cotton Logo Sweater

Ralph Lauren’s tied with Lacoste as the OG of logo sweaters. Throughout the years, Lauren has added different logos to its repertoire. Bears, monogram initials, and maritime flags are often in rotation with the polo player. This fall, Ralph Lauren updated their logo once again with this cotton sweater.  Colorful letters are interlocked across the chest.

Polo-Ralph-Lauren-Cotton-Logo-Sweater Courtesy of Ralph Lauren

20. Lacoste V-Neck Organic Cotton Sweater

We can heap praise or lay blame to logomania at Lacoste’s feet. That tiny alligator sewn onto everything and everything, could be considered the first internationally known logo. This organic cotton jersey sweater has a classic fit and comes in eight different colors.

Lacoste-V-Neck-Organic-Cotton-Sweater Courtesy of Lacoste