An Easy Pill to Swallow: 5 Handcrafted Designer Pill Boxes

Designer Pillbox Handcrafted Salimbeni
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The superbly stylish don’t stop at vestments when it comes to curating a look. Every detail is planned, from what goes on your back, to the shoes on your feet, to the bag you carry. In this case, it’s what’s in the bag that matters.

Whether you’re a garish grandma looking to one-up your girlfriends with the best way to carry your heart meds, or a Coachella-bound co-ed desperate for a place to stash her dance meds, you need one of these Italian handcrafted pillboxes from Salimbeni.

Joking aside, these handmade pieces are regarded as much for their function as they are for being stunning objets d’art. You’ll never look at generic pill bottles the same way again.

Translucent Fire Enamel on Guilloché Crafted from gold-plated silver (925/1000), this pill box features translucent fire enamel on an engraving by Guilloché.

20th Century Viennese Hand-painted polychrome flowers transport you to the gateway of Eastern Europe with this pillbox, handcrafted from gold-plated sterling silver with fire translucent enamel.

20th Century English Handmade from gold-plated sterling silver (925/1000) with fire enamels, a hand-painted horse head delivers classic English style for this pillbox.

14th Century Florentine Hand-painted pastoral subject matter channels 14th Century Florence for this decorative pillbox, crafted from gold-plated sterling silver (925/1000) with fire enamels.

Flowers on Guilloché Hand-painted flowers on guilloché accent this pillbox, handcrafted from gold-plated sterling silver (925/1000) with fire translucent enamels.

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