The 14 Most Stylish Designer T-Shirts That Are Worth Every Penny

best designer t-shirts
Courtesy of Fear of God

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Logomania. The trend where there’s an urge to wear a designer’s logo all over your body, or over certain body parts, is here to stay. There’s a plethora of designers and an equal number of designer t-shirts for men out there, making it easy to (a) stay on-trend and (b) snag an affordable designer item.

That’s the great thing about designer t-shirts for men; fashionwise, they let you kill two birds with one stone. When you delve into the world of designer clothing, many things have a price tag you might quietly gag at, while designer t-shirts are a more affordable, and let’s be honest, easier way to sport a designer item. But, there’s one question that always seems to linger in mind when purchasing a designer t-shirt. Are they really worth the price tag? 

Are Designer T-Shirts Worth the Hype?

To answer truthfully, designer t-shirts are worth their price simply because the clothing is made from high-quality materials. Designer’s clothing is typically constructed of high-grade fabrics, which costs more, resulting in a higher price. Other things that are considered with pricing are labor, distribution and trends. Plus, the fashion brand’s influence has a lot to do with their prices as well. For instance, if you take a fashion house like Gucci or Balenciaga, their pricing of t-shirts might be a little more accepting because they have been around for years and have acquired a specific clientele. 

The best men’s t-shirts, as a rule, can be dressed up or down depending on what you wear them with. Take a solid color t-shirt, throw on a blazer or chore jacket over it, pair it with, oh say, dress pants or baggy jeans, and a nice pair of sneakers and you’re good to go anywhere, even work. Now, add a designer t-shirt into the mix, and you’ve upped your style ante. 

There are hundreds of men’s designer t-shirts for sale online from the elite fashion houses, plus thousands more from various mid-level designers. To help out our fellow fashion connoisseurs, we’ve rounded up our 14 favorite designer t-shirts for men of the moment. All of these tees can easily be integrated into what you’re wearing now and through the fall/winter seasons.


1. Comme des Garçons Play Bottom Heart Tee

Comme des Garcons is the Japanese fashion label founded by designer Rei Kawakubo and best known for its ubiquitous Converse sneakers. The designer’s signature heart with eyes logo is instantly recognizable even from a distance, and it adds a touch of playful sophistication to what is otherwise a plain white t-shirt. So if you want to add some designer flair to your fit, then we’ve got the perfect t-shirt for you, courtesy of Saks Fifth Ave. This white crew-neck cotton tee is on the slim side, so we recommend ordering a size up if you’re in between sizes or unsure which size to pick.

Comme des Garçons Play Bottom Heart Tee Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

2. Rowing Blazers Collegiate Tee

It’s no secret that the SPY team loves Rowing Blazers. While Jack Carlson’s retro-preppy aesthetic isn’t for everyone, we think it’s arrived at exactly the right time. We know that a Rowing Blazers tee doesn’t quite have the allure of a t-shirt from Gucci or Balenciaga, but this simple t-shirt is a great way to show off your love of trendy fashion without spending $500. RB products tend to sell out, so order one of these tees before your size sells out.

Rowing Blazers Collegiate Tee Courtesy of Rowing Blazers

3. Gucci Mirror Logo-Print Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

What can be said about Gucci that’s not been said before? The design house has been consistently mega hot for the past few years, ever since Alessandro Michele took over as creative director. And with the movie about the Gucci family being a hit, interest in the brand imploded, leading to an increase in sales.

Opt for a newly released short-sleeve shirt with a red and blue Gucci mirrored logo. The top has a standard fit and vintage design that’s appealing to the eye.

Gucci Mirror Logo-Print Short-Sleeve T-Shirt Courtesy of Farfetch

4. Polo Ralph Lauren Cotton Jersey T-shirt

One of the OG’s of American fashion designers and progenitors of American logomania, Ralph Lauren’s symbols have permeated pop culture. See a tee with a polo player or teddy bear and you immediately know what brand you’re looking at. Ralph Lauren’s take on the classic tie-dye shirt is outstanding and is built to last. Buy a Polo Ralph Lauren t-shirt today, and it’ll still look good 20 years from now.

Polo Ralph Lauren Cotton Jersey T-shirt Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

5. Fear of God Baseball Tee

Now, you might have been unsuccessful with the last Essentials drop, but you can definitely grab this designer t-shirt with no problem. Fear of God is an American contemporary brand led and founded by Jerry Lorenzo. The brand is in its seventh collection, and its design focuses heavily on notes of workwear abd streetwear to make clothes that both men and women would look good and feel good in. This baseball tee would pair well with an oversized neutral-toned suit. 

Fear of God Baseball Tee Courtesy of Fear of God

6. Givenchy Black Varsity T-Shirt

In 2020, Givenchy appointed designer Matthew Williams as its new creative director, and we can already see his influence over the French brand. For Givenchy’s Fall/Winter 2022 collection, Williams tapped into his streetwear background, giving the brand a subtle update. This collection consisted of a strict color palette consisting of blacks and grays along with some other colors. The varsity designer t-shirt, with its embroidered logo, is an excellent example of the aesthetic.

Givenchy Black Varsity T-Shirt Courtesy of Givenchy

7. Maison Balenciaga T-Shirt

Balenciaga was a long-established fashion brand that had become somewhat staid until Demna Gvasalia came along and shook things up. These days, if you want to know what the next and biggest fashion trends will be, see what Gvasalia created for this fashion house. While some call Gvasalia, and in turn, Balenciaga, high-end streetwear, it is and at the same time, it’s not. Between the fabrication, construction and inspiration, the man who co-founded Vetements elevates it into something totally unique, just like this vintage designer t-shirt. The faded red shirt has a distressed (worn-out) design with a relaxed medium fit.

Maison Balenciaga T-Shirt Courtesy of Balenciaga

8. Amiri M.A. Bar Tee

If you aren’t aware of Amiri, then it’s time for you to get acquainted with the luxury brand. LA native and fashion designer Mike Amiri founded his namesake label in 2014 and quickly set himself apart from the crowd with his debut collection. Most of the Amiri tees are logos rendered in a variety of fonts; this shirt has a classic vibe to it with a monochromatic color scheme and a bold name logo on the front to make an entrance.

Amiri M.A. Bar Tee Courtesy of Amiri

9. Jacquemus Le T-shirt Tennis

Since French designer Jacquemus came into the fashion scene back in 2009, he has been one to watch. His eponymous label has pushed the forefront of French fashion with his “deconstructed, surrealists” designs. What we love most about the brand is the designer’s fearless approach to vibrant colors in his work, which was heavy on display in his recent Spring/Summer 2022 “Le Splash” fashion show. A design that stuck out to us was the bright tennis green t-shirt. It has a slightly calm design, with an orange tennis court on display in the center with a neon-yellow tennis ball at the bottom of the shirt below the Jacquemus logo.

Jacquemus Le T-shirt Tennis Courtesy of Jacquemus

10. Fendi Light Blue Cotton T-shirt

You can never go wrong with rocking the Fendi prints on your body. This shirt is iconic just as much as it is stylish. The shirt is made of light-blue cotton with a terry fabric effect for added texture. It features Fendi’s FF pattern and FF “Karligraphy” print all over the tee for a next-level design.

Fendi Light Blue Cotton T-shirt Courtesy of Fendi

11. Casablanca Tennis Club Icon T-shirt

We love absolutely everything about this Casablanca designer t-shirt available in white. The crewneck t-shirt pairs a stylish tennis club graphic with the signature Casablanca logo. It’s made from 100% organic cotton, meaning the shirt is sure to be comfortable as well as stylish. Announce to everyone that you have a sense of fun and style with these fun designer t-shirts for men. Unlike most designer t-shirts popular in 2022, this cotton tee isn’t oversized or long, which will make it easy to style with your outfit of the day.

Casablanca Tennis Club Icon T-shirt Courtesy of Casablanca

12. Kenzo Boke Flower Crest on Pocket T-Shirt

We love a good pocket tee, and for our money, the best designer t-shirt of the year comes from Kenzo. The French fashion house just recently appointed Japanese fashion designer Nigo as its new creative director, and his first collection is centered around the Japanese flower, Boke. Talk about paying homage. This minimally designed t-shirt will pair perfectly with wide-leg khaki pants and low-top shoes for the perfect spring fit.

Kenzo Boke Flower Crest on Pocket T-Shirt Courtesy of Kenzo

13. Valentino Jersey T-Shirt

Fashion designer and creative director of Valentino, Pierpaolo Piccioli, utilizes a pink hue constantly, effortlessly and modestly in his designs, and we can’t get over them. So, of course, we had to follow suit and suggest a pink tee.

Valentino Jersey T-Shirt Courtesy of Valentino

14. Rhude City Tee

Up your designer t-shirt collection with a graphic tee from Los Angeles-based brand Rhude. The brand was founded in 2015 by designer Rhuigi Villaseñor with a mission to create luxury fashion that would showcase LA aesthetics but with streetwear elements. While the brand is still fairly new to the game, Villaseñor’s designs have garnered a massive following, including celebrities like A$AP Rocky, Jay-z and Lebron James. 

This off-white shirt is made of cotton with an oversized fit and features a graphic print with an embossed Rhude logo.

Rhude City Tee Courtesy of Rhude