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Go From Desk to Drinks With DVF’s Elegant Little Crossbody

* Crossbody style bag with adjustable strap
* Petite, half-moon shape
* Crafted from black leather and suede

Before Diane Von Furstenberg created the wrap dress, clothes were either fussy and formal, or stay-at-home-only casual. Creating a whole new wardrobe for the modern woman by filling that hole between dressed up and dressed for chores, was how she redefined fashion, and a space her namesake brand still occupies over four decades later.

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So leave it to the creative minds at DvF to make sure you don’t have to lay out four or even five figures just to have a great-looking bag. Case in point: The Bullseye Mini Diane von Furstenberg crossbody bag seen here.

Stitched from buttery-soft leather and suede, this luxe little sac sports a curvy, half-moon shape and a strap that adjusts to crossbody or shoulder style wear.

In chic black, it’s anything but basic with its flap of suede-on-leather texture play making a soignée statement in the span of nine elegant centimeters. A subtle touch of gold tubing on the shoulder strap adds rich detail, making this bag a desk-to-drinks pinch-hitter.

Inside, find a lined satin interior with built-in card slots and enough space for your cell phone, sunnies and lipstick. And at just $200, it’s the ultimate expression of the DvF woman – beautiful on the outside, smart on the inside, and never, ever a foolish value.

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