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This DNA Kit Uses Genetics to Give You a Customized Skin Care Regimen

Everyone’s skin is different, and while common concerns like acne and aging are the top issues that skincare products aim to combat, what if there were a specialized skincare regimen prescribed specifically for you? Now, you can get a customized skincare regimen based on your genetics with this at-home kit available at the drugstore. Find out more about the Home DNA Skincare Kit from Women’s Wear Daily and shop below:

From WWD:
A DNA-based personalized skin-care plan, once the domain of dermatologists or prestige retailers, is now only a drugstore visit away. HomeDNA Skin Care just rolled out in select CVS Pharmacy doors. Based on DNA, The HomeDNA Skin Care report allows consumers to get a guide on how to build a complete and customized skin-care regimen. The kit retails for $24.99 plus a separate $79 lab fee. Similar testing is offered by some dermatologists at price tags exceeding $300.

The report includes a summary of the test’s findings, detailed information about each of the seven skin-aging concerns along with specific recommendations for topical ingredients, supplements and professional treatments that may lead to younger-looking skin. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, shoppers can get a tailor-made blueprint for skin health.

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“Because everyone is genetically unique, the sheer volume of data we analyze means that the report can provide a truly unique experience for each individual,” said Dave Silver, vice president of marketing for DDC.

The recommended plans stretch beyond creams and oils, he added. The report also yields internal-supplement recommendations as well as professional treatment suggestions, based on a customer’s DNA. “This means that not only can she have full control over how to create a skin-care regimen at home, but she can also seek advice from nutritionists and cosmetic clinics to help her implement a complete treatment plan.”


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